Medical Devices,
Edition 1 Use and Safety
By Bertil Jacobson, MD, PhD and Alan Murray, PhD

Publication Date: 08 Dec 2006
Patient safety is important to all health professionals, but fatal accidents occur with medical devices every year. This is the first book for people who use medical equipment, rather than for engineers or technicians. It will help personnel within healthcare to avoid accidents by bridging the gap between the design principles and the user. The book encourages safe use of a wide range of equipment, from simple thermometers and blood-pressure cuffs to complex equipment such as pacemakers, ventilators and patient monitors.

Key Features

  • Simple explanations of basic medical devices
  • Case histories of real-life accidents to highlight risk areas
  • Clear, attractive illustrations
  • "Tips" boxes identify particular problems
  • "Basic Facts" boxes supply fundamental information needed by all readers
  • "Technology" boxes provide more-advanced explanations for interested or experienced readers
About the author
By Bertil Jacobson, MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Medical Engineering, Karolinska Institute, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden and Alan Murray, PhD, Professor of Cardiovascular Physics, Medical Physics Department, Newcastle University, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Book Reviews
“This is the first book for staff that uses medical devices and as such is to be welcomed. It is well illustrated, easy to read and is an essential practical resource for all staff working with and managing medical devices to keep patients and work colleagues safe.

I would highly recommend this pioneering book as an essential learning resource for all staff working in perioperative care and clinical areas where radiological clinical interventions occur.¿
RCN Officer, Yorkshire and Humberside JPP / Vol 17 / No 7 / July 2007

"The style is both clear and flowing...well researched and certainly contains a lot of information, much of which should certainly be useful for those whose work involves the use of
medical equipment. It would be a valuable addition to many bookshelves."
Brian Brown, SCOPE, JUNE 07, 41.

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ISBN: 9780443102592
Page Count: 388
Retail Price : £32.99
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