Palliative Care: A Practical Guide for the Health Professional,
Edition 1 Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life and Death
By Kathryn Boog, BScOT, SROT, SPDipA and Claire Tester, DipCOT, SROT, PGDip

Publication Date: 05 Nov 2007
This book encourages health professionals to reconceptualise their practice in the light of the fact that their patients are deteriorating and dying, supporting them in their dichotomous role which involves affirming that person’s life whilst acknowledging that that life is ending. Professionals are encouraged to think laterally, to be creative in their use of their core skills, and to use their life skills and experience to change the focus of their interventions. By making these changes, those involved with caring for the dying will be able to address issues related to burnout and feeling de-skilled. The authors share their considerable experience with the reader – what works for both patient and carer/professional when working in this field. By providing workable solutions, they empower those in disempowering situations, such as when working with terminally ill children and adults. The book is truly holistic and client-centred in its approach, upholding the philosophy of palliative care.

Key Features

  • Aimed at all who interact with children and adults who have a life–limiting condition or who are dying
  • Offers practical examples of approaches to dilemmas and emotional issues commonly face by those working in palliative care
  • Encourages professionals to think laterally, to be creative in their use of core skills, and to use their life skills and experience to change the focus of their interventions
  • Moves the emphasis away from the medical model to the emotional and spiritual influences on quality of life
  • Offers clear, workable guidelines and demonstrates practical solutions, based on proven theory and experience, to problems encountered on a day-to-day basis by patients and those coming into contact with them
About the author
By Kathryn Boog, BScOT, SROT, SPDipA, Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist Palliative Care, St Columba's Hospice, Edinburgh, UK and Claire Tester, DipCOT, SROT, PGDip, Lead Allied Health Professions Consultant Occupational Therapist in Cancer, Cancer Strategies Team, Health Department, Scottish Executive, Edinburgh, UK
Table of Contents
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction.Section 1: Exploring the impact of death and dying.Chapter 1 - Challenges in Palliative Care (Kathryn Boog).Chapter 2 - Impact (Claire Tester). Appendix 2.1 - Children's understanding of death and dying (Claire Tester).Chapter 3 - Attachment and relationships (Claire Tester). Appendix 3.1 - Thinking about babies (Claire Tester).Chapter 4 - Palliative rehabilitation (Claire Tester). Appendix 4.1 - Children and pain (Claire Tester). Appendix 4.2 - Children's care plans (Claire Tester). Appendix 4.3 - Home from home comfort map.Chapter 5 - Spirituality (Kathryn Boog).Chapter 6 - Bereavement support for children (Claire Tester).Section 2: Creative interventions.Chapter 7 - Counselling skills - painting a clearer picture (Kathryn Boog).Chapter 8 - Creativity (Kathryn Boog).Chapter 9 - Play and Leisure (Claire Tester). Appendix 9.1 - Sensory assessment (Claire Tester).Chapter 10 - Using guided imagery as a relaxation technique for self help (Kathryn Boog). Appendix 10.1 - Scripts for relaxation (Kathryn Boog). Appendix 10.2 - Leaflet for relaxation (Kathryn Boog).Chapter 11 - Telling tales - the importance of narrative in our lives (Kathryn Boog).Chapter 12 - Communication - making connections (Kathryn Boog). Appendix 12.1 - Diary page (Kathryn Boog). Appendix 12.2 - Illustrated diary page (Kathryn Boog). Appendix 12.3 - Example of a communication chart (Kathryn Boog). Appendix 12.4 - Therapeutic communication with children (Claire Tester). Section 3: How to survive as staff.Chapter 13 - Hearts and minds - how the unconscious affects us (Claire Tester).Chapter 14 - Keeping going - as staff (Claire Tester). Appendix 14.1 - Strategies to keeping going (Claire Tester).Chapter 15 - All that was left...hope (Kathryn Boog with Claire Tester).Index.
Book Reviews
“The following tapestry of palliative care vignettes, experienced occupational therapists’ reflections, practical suggestions and theoretical perspectives, did not disappoint. This text would be a welcome addition to all international palliative care settings.¿Clare O’Callaghan, International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, April 2008, Vol 15, No 4
Book details
ISBN: 9780443103803
Page Count: 228
Retail Price : £34.99
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This book is aimed at those encountering people with life-limiting conditions from a caring perspective :• students of the caring professions (OT, physiotherapy, social work, nursing, medical)• qualified professionals new to the area• qualified, experienced professionals looking for support for and acknowledgement of their working practices and their personal, professional and educational needs• carers – in institutions and private homes will find the resource a useful reference• palliative care courses/palliative care training/paediatric courses