Naturopathic Physical Medicine,
Edition 1 Theory and Practice for Manual Therapists and Naturopaths
By Leon Chaitow, ND, DO (UK)

Publication Date: 24 Apr 2008
Naturopathic Physical Medicine provides a philosophical naturopathic perspective, as well as practical clinical applications, for manual and physical approaches to health care. A wide range of bodywork and movement approaches and modalities are evaluated in relation to their ability to be appropriately used in naturopathic treatment and rehabilitation settings. Naturopathic methodology suggests that therapeutic measures should match the ability of the individual to respond positively, without negative side-effects. The model of care emphasised in this text recognizes that naturopathically oriented therapeutic interventions usually focus on achieving one or all of the following:• Enhancement of function so that the person, system or part, can better self-regulate in response to adaptive demands. • Modification or removal of adaptive load factors • Symptomatic relief without creation of significant additional adaptive changes

Key Features

  • This textbook evaluates, and offers practical clinical approaches to, manual and physical approaches to health care, from naturopathic perspectives.
  • Details clinical guidelines for combining naturopathic treatment and concepts with a wide range of bodywork, hydrotherapy and movement approaches, in health care and rehabilitation settings.
  • Presents evidence based information for management of musculoskeletal dysfunction, immune enhancement, circulatory and/or lymphatic stasis, respiratory dysfunction, chronic pain, sleep and fatigue problems, and more, utilising naturopathic physical medicine approaches.
  • Includes a history of the fundamental role of physical medicine in naturopathic practice in the early evolution of the profession.
About the author
By Leon Chaitow, ND, DO (UK), Registered Osteopath and Naturopath; Honorary Fellow and Former Senior Lecturer, School of Life Sciences, University of Westminster, London, UK; Fellow, British Naturopathic Association. and Fellow, College of Osteopaths, UK
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Physical Medicine in a Naturopathic ContextChapter 2 Adaptation and the evolution of disease and dysfunctionChapter 3 History of Naturopathic Physical MedicineChapter 4 Naturopathic Physical MedicineChapter 5 Assessment and palpation: Accuracy and reliability IssuesChapter 6 Assessment/palpation section: SkillsChapter 7 Modalities, methods and techniquesChapter 8 Integrated Naturopathic (manual) Physical Medicine ProtocolsChapter 9 Rehabilitation and Re-education (movement) approachesChapter 10 Naturopathic Physical Medicine Approaches to General Health Enhancement and Specific ConditionsChapter 11 Naturopathic HydrotherapyChapter 12 Electrotherapy Modalities
Book Reviews
"As a reference book, this volume is worth its weight in gold."Leon Chaitow, Positive Health Aug/Sept 2008
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Naturopaths, massage therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths (practitioners and students)