Tidy's Physiotherapy,
Edition 14
By Stuart Porter, PhD, CertMHS, SFHEA, MLACP, MCSP, HCPC

Publication Date: 01 Apr 2008
The essential book to refer to, whether you’re just starting out or about to go on placement or need to look up something for an assessment, the 14th edition of Tidy’s Physiotherapy is up-to-date and ready to meet the needs of today’s physiotherapy student. Chapters are written by specialists who have come from a wide range of clinical and academic backgrounds. Each chapter encourages you to problem solve and provides case studies to give the opportunity to consolidate learning and to give you confidence when you need to apply what you have learned. For the first time, a DVD ROM is included which contains sections on musculoskeletal tests, massage and exercise, and graphics which can be used for revision, presentations and even teaching.

Key Features

New techniques include core stability and muscle imbalance techniques - keeping the student informed of current developments • Hot topics covered, including NHS structure, the role of research and clinical governance • Case studies included to help the student think about their reading in a real-life context • New text design with redrawn and updated illustrations means the book is easier to navigate • Totally updated for today's physiotherapist

New Features

  • High quality annotated art illustrations
  • Case studies which provide further insights into the physiotherapists clinical reasoning
  • Web links
  • DVD containing videoclips and downloadable photographs
  • Additional chapters on Care of the Ventilated Patient; Caridac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Management of Tissue Healing and Repair, Massage, Electrotherapy, Pain and Changing Relationships for Promoting Health
  • Part of the Physiotherapy Essentials series - core textbooks for both students and lecturers
About the author
By Stuart Porter, PhD, CertMHS, SFHEA, MLACP, MCSP, HCPC, Lecturer in Physiotherapy, University of Salford, Manchester, UK and Health and Care Professions Council Registered, Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy, Expert Witness, Manchester, UK
Table of Contents
The responsibilities of being a physiotherapist, Musculoskeletal assessmentAn Introduction to Fractures, Management of Burns and Plastic Surgery, Physiotherapy in Women's Health, Biomechanics, Osteoporosis, Physiotherapy in Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac Disease, Management of Respiratory Diseases, Care of the Ventilated Patient, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Tissue inflammation and repair, The Physiotherapy Management Of Tissue Healing And Repair, Neurological physiotherapy, Massage, Exercise, Electrotherapy, Pain, Common chronic inflammatory arthopathies, Physiotherapy for Ankylosing spondylitis, The research process, Changing relationships for promoting healthUpper and Lower Limb Joint Arthroplasty, Amputees
Book Reviews

"This is a must have book as it covers most of the topics within the course and has a very clear and concise layout. The chapters cover core subjects, for example musculoskeletal assessment, biomechanics, neurological physiotherapy, management of respiratory disease and many more. Throughout the authors make key points in each of the chapters which were found to be useful when revising for a particular area. There are also case studies in the book which allows the reader to consolidate the information and to apply their skills to a particular scenario. The book also contains a DVD Rom which contains revision aids, musculoskeletal tests and student presentations. This book will be very useful at university and throughout your physiotherapy career." - Charlotte Barrett, Physiotherapy Student, Cardiff University, UK.“Tidy’s Physiotherapy is one of my favourite texts and often my first point of reference… This book is well set out and easy to understand as it’s not too complicated. It covers the principles, clinical features, physiotherapy management and complications of common problems. I would recommend this book to any physiotherapy student.¿- Mayuri Butchart, Physiotherapy Student, King's College London, UK."A good all-round resource that provides the basics of physiotherapy for either the new student or for those with limited experience. As you become more experienced it’s use becomes more limited, but still would be of benefit for those who perhaps need a reminder of an area that they haven’t practised in for while."- Linda Wilkinson, Physiotherapy Student, University of Southampton"I would recommend this text book to all physiotherapy students, especially 1st years, as it is up to date and informative and clearly demonstrates theory into practice/clinical use. I know I will make much use of this book throughout the remainder of my course and as a starting point for further reading/research. A great book to have as part of a reference collection and will in no doubt be well read during my practice placements. The DVD is also a very useful aid with plenty of info that can be used for revision."Ms. N.L. Benson, 2nd Year Physiotherapy Student, University of Central Lancashire"This breadth of information is superb for the new physiotherapist. For the more experienced, it is a healthy reminder of aspects and breadth of scope to physiotherapy."Nick Downing, Physiotherapy Student, University of Birmingham

"The book has an impressive list of contributors. The first chapter, which deals with the responsibilities of being a physiotherapist, is very good and could be an essential read for all prospective and starting students."

(Physical Therapy Reviews, October 2010.

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ISBN: 9780443103926
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Physiotherapy students, Sport Science and Sports Rehabilitation Students