Liposomes in Drug Delivery,
Edition 1 What, Where, How and When to deliver
Edited by Sophia G. Antimisiaris

Publication Date: 15 Apr 2024

Liposomes in Drug Delivery: What, Where, How and When to Deliver is a concise, well-structured reference covering all the important issues related to the potential of this technology. Organized to provide practical information to researchers from any discipline with a particular therapeutic or bio-active substance to deliver, this book helps readers understand if liposomes can be of benefit for their particular need, what is the best type of liposome to use according to what needs to be delivered, where/when to deliver it, and how to design/prepare/characterize/investigate/optimize liposome properties for a particular application.

The book is structured in Four parts. The first covers in a concise but in-depth way, what liposomes are, which are the liposome types, advantages/disadvantages, and what is their stability, characterization methods, in vitro stability, and in vivo fate after different administration methods (routes). The second part focuses on the different mechanisms for liposomal drug delivery. Methodologies/technologies for manipulation of liposome structure/properties in order to design liposomes for particular delivery applications. Specific roadmaps for liposome design are discussed, including components to incorporate in liposomes for specific types of encapsulated molecules or specific routes of administration. The third part covers liposome applications for drug delivery. It focuses on specific delivery considerations for particular diseases. Finally, the fourth part covers methods of liposome fabrication.

Key Features

  • Focuses on key information - What, Where, How and When to deliver – needed for drug delivery researchers
  • Covers all aspects of liposomes in drug delivery in one single volume
  • Guides researchers through the decision process on whether and what liposomes are most applicable to their particular interest
About the author
Edited by Sophia G. Antimisiaris, Professor, Department of Pharmace Technology and Analysis, University of Patras, Patra, Greece
Table of Contents

Part I – Basic concepts of Liposome-Assisted Drug Delivery
1. Introduction to Liposome Assisted Drug Delivery
2. Basic concepts of Liposome: components, structures, properties and classification
3. Liposome Characterization Methodologies(Physical and Chemical Methods)
4. Liposome Characterization Methodologies - Morphological Assessments by Microscopy
5. Liposome Stability and Integrity
6. In vivo fate of Liposomes: Biodistribution and cell membrane interactions

Part II – Mechanisms of Liposome Drug Delivery
7. Liposomes in controlled drug delivery: Controlling drug release kinetics and biodistribution/pharmacokinetics
8. Liposome surface modifications-Engineering techniques
9. Activatable liposomes: Ultrasound-activated liposomes and lipid vesicles

Part III – Liposome Applications in drug delivery
10. Liposomes for drug delivery to the brain
11. Liposomes for drug delivery to cancer cells
12. Liposomes as vaccine delivery systems
13. Liposomes as DNA, mRNA and oligonucleotide delivery vectors
14. Liposomes for drug delivery by localized routes of administration
15. Liposome for drug delivery against infectious diseases
16. Liposomes for drug delivery via biomaterials
17. Liposomes for delivery of substances for other (non-therapeutic) applications

Part IV –Liposome fabrication
18. Conventional methods for preparing liposomes of various types (MLVs, LUVs, SUVs )
19. Size reduction, purification, sterilization and storage/packaging of Liposomes
20. Methods for preparation of Giant liposomes: Conventional methods; Modified electro-techniques
21. Microfluidic methods for liposome formation
22. Supercritical fluids and other novel methods for liposome formation
23. Design of experiment approaches for liposome property optimization
24. Development of generic liposome products for drug delivery

Part V – Conclusions and Perspectives
25. Success stories, Final remarks and directions of the field

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Page Count: 696
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Master and PhD students in the field of Pharmaceutics, Material Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Academics and industrial experts coming in from other disciplines, such a Chemistry, Agricultural, Cell biology, Biochemistry, etc.