Metabolomics for Personalized Vaccinology,
Edition 1
By Mahbuba Rahman

Publication Date: 01 Aug 2024
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Metabolomics for Personalized Vaccinology explores the development of personalized vaccine which requires in-depth knowledge of the patient’s health status, particularly the immune system and on metabolomics, the closest indicator of the disease phenotype.

The metabolic pathway of the host's system is altered by vaccine administration. As a result, Metabolomics for Personalized Vaccinology provides understanding of how metabolomics might be employed in personalized vaccinology.

Over the last few years, researchers have published articles on personalized vaccine, but these are sparse. Therefore, compiling this information will help the reader to get an overview of the progress of this field, despite its being at its infancy.

Metabolomics for Personalized Vaccinology is ideally suited for researchers and postgraduate students who are interested in clinical and non-clinical studies where metabolites are used for identification of disease and therapeutic targets.

Key Features

  • Gives insight in the importance of personalized vaccines in clinical and research environment
  • Provides the principles of metabolomics and integration of other systems biology approach for personalized vaccine development
  • Discusses vaccine manufacturing technologies and importance of metabolomics for personalized vaccine development
  • Discusses the scope of personalized vaccine in relation to specific diseases.
  • Possible scope of metabolomics in biomarker identification and vaccine discovery
About the author
By Mahbuba Rahman, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Table of Contents

1. Personalized Vaccinology
2. Vaccine Adjuvants and their role in modulating immune signaling pathways
3. Technologies to measure vaccine immune response against infectious diseases
4. Vaccines for Cancer
5. Vaccines for Autoimmune Diseases
6. Vaccines for Allergy
7. Virus vaccine production using cell-based technology
8. Dendritic cell-based cancer vaccine production

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Page Count: 500
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Students, Academics, Clinicians, Researchers in clinical and non-clinical studies, clinical microbiology and systems biology Students and Biotech companies for vaccine discovery