Fundamentals of Weed Science,
Edition 6
By Robert L Zimdahl and Nicholas T. Basinger

Publication Date: 16 Feb 2024

Fundamentals of Weed Science, Sixth Edition, places weed management in the context of weed research and science, presenting the latest advances in the role, control, and potential uses of weed plants. This book uses an ecological framework to explore the role of responsible and effective weed control in agriculture from the emergence and genetic foundation of weeds to the latest means of control and environmental effects.

Fully revised, updated, and expanded, Fundamentals of Weed Science now includes insights into international trad eand consumer preferences, weed seedbanks, advancements in robotic weeding, weed flaming, and the potential of precision agriculture in weed science.

Key Features

• Includes an emphasis on herbicide resistance and molecular biology, both of which have come to dominate weed
science research
• Covers all traditional aspects of weed science as well as current research
• Provides broad coverage, including relevant related subjects like weed ecology and weed population genetics
About the author
By Robert L Zimdahl, Professor of Weed Science, Colorado State University, CO, USA and Nicholas T. Basinger, Assistant Professor University of Georgia, 4103 Miller Plant Science 120 Carlton St. Athens, GA 30602
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Weeds – The Beginning
3. Weed classification
4. Ethnobotany
5. Weed Reproduction and Dispersal
6. Weed Ecology
7. Weed population genetics
8. Invasive Plants
9. Allelopathy 10. Methods of weed management
11. Weed management in organic farming systems
12. Biological Weed Control
13. Chemical weed control
14. Herbicides and Plants
15. Herbicides and Soil
16. Properties and use of herbicides
17. Herbicide Formulation
18. The role and future of genetic modification
19. The Problem and Study of Herbicide Resistance
20. Herbicides and the environment
21. Pesticide legislation and registration
22. Weed Management Systems
23. Weed Science – The Future
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ISBN: 9780443157233
Page Count: 576
Retail Price : £95.95

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Graduate Students, Researchers, and Academics in plant and agricultural systems. Those in commercial development of weed control systems and government regulation