Culinary Nutrition,
Edition 2 The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking
By Jacqueline B. Marcus, MS, RDN, LDN, CNS, FADA, FAND

Publication Date: 01 Nov 2024
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Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking, Second Edition is one of the first textbooks specifically written to bridge the relationship between food science, nutrition, and culinology as well as consumer choices for diet, health, and enjoyment. The book uses a comprehensive format with real-life applications, recipes, and color photographs of finished dishes to emphasize the necessity of sustainably deliverable, health-beneficial, and taste-desirable products.

The book includes pedagogical elements to enhance and reinforce learning opportunities, explores what foods and beverages involve the optimum nutritional value for dietary needs, and includes specific dietary requirements and how foods are produced. The fully revised second edition includes updated United States dietary guidelines and recommendations; more vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based meals; updated vitamin and mineral recommendations; sustainability considerations; and much more.

Key Features

  • Explores the connections among the technical sciences of nutrition, food science, and the culinary arts as well as consumer choices for diet, health, and enjoyment
  • Presents laboratory-type, in-class activities using limited materials with real-life applications of complex, scientific concepts
  • Includes photographs and recipes to enhance learning experiences
  • Offers online support for qualified instructors and students, including an exam test bank, case studies, and recipes
About the author
By Jacqueline B. Marcus, MS, RDN, LDN, CNS, FADA, FAND, President/Owner of Jacqueline B. Marcus & Associates, Lake Forest, IL, USA
Table of Contents
1: Nutrition Basics
2: Food Science Basics
3: Culinary Arts Basics
4: Carbohydrate Basics
5: Protein Basics
6: Lipid Basics
7: Vitamin and Mineral Basics
8: Fluid Basics
9: Diet and Disease
10: Weight Management
11: Life Cycle Nutrition
12: Global Food and Nutrition
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ISBN: 9780443160042
Page Count: 650
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Undergraduate students in Culinary Nutrition, Nutrition Science, Food Science and Nutrition, and Culinary Arts courses Professional food scientists and research chefs in product development, and professional and self-taught chefs.