Introductory Differential Equations,
Edition 6
By Martha L. Abell and James P. Braselton

Publication Date: 04 Jan 2024
Introductory Differential Equations, Sixth Edition provides the foundations to assist students in learning not only how to read and understand differential equations, but also how to read technical material in more advanced texts as they progress through their studies. The book's accessible explanations and many robust sample problems are appropriate for a first semester course in introductory ordinary differential equations (including Laplace transforms), for a second course in Fourier series and boundary value problems, and for students with no background on the subject.

Key Features

  • Gives students a complete foundation on the subject, providing a strong basis for learning how to read technical material in more advanced texts
  • Includes new, comprehensive exercise sets throughout, ranging from straightforward to challenging
  • Offers applications and extended projects relevant to the real-world through the use of examples in a broad range of contexts
  • Provides online support, including a full solutions manual for qualified instructors and a partial solutions manual for students
About the author
By Martha L. Abell, Professor Emerita and James P. Braselton, Associate Professor Emeritus
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Differential Equations
2. First-Order Equations
3. Applications of First-Order Differential Equations
4. Higher Order Equations
5. Applications of Higher Order Differential Equations
6. Systems of Differential Equations
7. Applications of Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations
8. Introduction to the Laplace Transform
Book details
ISBN: 9780443160585
Page Count: 486
Retail Price : £115.00
Instructor Resources
Undergraduate students from a variety of majors, taking courses in Mathematics departments typically titled: (Introductory) Differential Equations, (Introductory) Ordinary Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics, Professionals / researchers / academics who require an introduction or refresher to the subject