Edition 3 The Technological Applications of Genetics and Genomics
By David P. Clark, Nanette J. Pazdernik, Michelle R. McGehee and Bethany A. Rader

Publication Date: 01 Oct 2024
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Biotechnology: The Technological Applications of Genetics and Genomics, Third Edition, approaches modern biotechnology from a molecular basis, discussing how the fields of genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, and biochemistry are merging their respective discoveries into the expanding applied field of biotechnology. Each chapter starts with basic concepts that develop into more specific and detailed applications, providing readers with a good image of possibilities and current limitations in the field and future research directions.

This new edition has been fully revised and updated to include research advances, and has new chapters on artificial intelligence, genome editing, precision and personalized medicine, and more. This book is an invaluable resource to anyone interested in understanding what molecular biotechnology is as a scientific discipline, how research in this area is conducted, and how this technology may impact the future.

Key Features

  • Fully revised and updated to include the latest information in the field of biotechnology from a molecular basis
  • Covers basic concepts followed by more detailed, specific applications with clear, color illustrations of key topics and concepts
  • Presents new chapters on artificial intelligence, genome editing, precision and personalized medicine, and more
About the author
By David P. Clark, Southern Illinois University; Nanette J. Pazdernik, Integrated DNA Technologies; Michelle R. McGehee, Blinn College and Bethany A. Rader, Southern Illinois University
Table of Contents

1. Basics of biotechnology
2. DNA, RNA, and protein
3. Recombinant DNA technology
4. DNA synthesis and PCR
5. RNA-based technologies
6. Immune technology
7. Genomics and sequencing
8. Transcriptomics
9. Bioinformatics
10. Proteomics
11. Recombinant proteins
12. Protein engineering
13. Synthetic biology
14. Nanobiotechnology
15. Bio-robotics to Artificial Intelligence
16. Environmental biotechnology
17. Plant biotechnology
18. Transgenic animals
19. Inherited defects and gene therapy
20. Genome Editing
21. Stem cells & applications
22. Cancer
23. Precision medicine
24. Viral and prion infections
25. Biowarfare and bioterrorism
26. Emerging Infections
27. Bioethics in biotechnology

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Upper division undergraduates in microbiology, physiology, biology, pharmacology, biotechnology, zoology, plant biology, biochemistry and agriculture, Graduate students and junior researchers in biotechnology, Biotechnology courses are part of many programs including those in biology, agriculture and medicine