Competency Based Training for Clinical Supervisors,
Edition 1
By Loredana-Ileana Viscu, Ioana-Eva Cadariu and Clifton Edward Watkins Jr

Publication Date: 11 Aug 2023
Competency Based Training for Clinical Supervisors builds upon the current competencies schema to design a framework for training programs. The book's authors begin with a practical program curriculum, addressing the challenges of treatment and workplace satisfaction. The next sections are divided based on transversal competencies, including intellectual order, methodological order, personal and social order, and communication order. The last section of the book is dedicated to ethics in both training programs and models for psychotherapy and clinical supervision.

Key Features

  • Presents a practical training program for supervisors that includes program curriculum, requirements, and final evaluation procedures
  • Reviews ICT competencies in relation to clinical supervision
  • Includes two chapters on ethics in training programs
About the author
By Loredana-Ileana Viscu, Tibiscus University of Timisoara, Resita; The Institute of Psychotherapy, Psychological Counseling and Clinical Supervision, Romania; Ioana-Eva Cadariu, “Tibiscus¿ University of Timisoara; The Institute of Psychotherapy, Psychological Counseling and Clinical Supervision, Resita, Romania and Clifton Edward Watkins Jr, University of North Texas, Denton, TX, The Institute of Psychotherapy, Psychological Counseling and Clinical Supervision, USA
Table of Contents

I. TRAINING PROGRAM FOR SUPERVISORS1. The Competencies Schema2. Supervision models based on competencies3. Competency-based training program for supervisors developed by Vî?cu, Cadariu and Watkins

II. THE SUPERVISOR’S COMPETENCIES DERIVED FROM THE INTELLECTUAL ORDER TRANSVERSALCOMPETENCIES4. Updating with new information in the supervision domain5. Solving issues in supervision6. Learning, research, publishing studies in the supervision domain

III. THE SUPERVISOR’S COMPETENCIES DERIVED FROM THE METHODOLOGICAL ORDER TRANSVERSAL COMPETENCIES7. Managing individual and group supervision session8. Relational breathing9. Pedagogical competencies10. ICT competencies


V. THE SUPERVISOR’S COMPETENCIES DERIVED FROM THE COMMUNICATION ORDER TRANSVERSAL COMPETENCIES14. Flexible communication. Multicultural communication, cultural humility and sensitivity in supervision15. Online and digital communication in live supervision. Case studies16. Email supervision

VI. ETHICS IN TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR PSYCHOTHERAPISTS AND CLINICAL SUPERVISORS17. Ethics in training programs18. Ethical models in psychotherapy and clinical supervision

VII. THE MIXED STANDARD RATING SCALE FOR THE CLINICAL SUPERVISOR AND THE TRAINER SUPERVISOR’S VULNERABILITY – CASE STUDIES19. The Mixed Standard Rating Scale for the clinical supervisor – Study.20. Analysis between MSRS professional dimensions and the Competencies Schema (Vî?cu and Watkins, 2021)21. The trainer supervisor, the supervisor’s and the supervisee’s vulnerability

VIII. A PEDAGOGICAL APPROACH TO TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR SUPERVISORS AND PSYCHOTHERAPISTS22. Introduction to a pedagogical approach to training programs for supervisors and psychotherapists23. The professional training provider for psychotherapy/ supervision training programs24. Historical incursion on adult pedagogy and conceptual delimitations25. The trainers’ mentoring and coaching26. Adult pedagogy. Adult education. Educational strategies. Evaluation types.

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