Physics in Biology and Medicine,
Edition 6
By Paul Davidovits

Publication Date: 19 Mar 2024

Physics in Biology and Medicine, Sixth Edition includes new, revised material, and corresponding exercises on many exciting developments in the field. New sections cover biomechanics, biotribology, frictional properties of biological materials, 3-D printing and its use in medicine, new materials in dentistry, microfluidics, bioelectronic medicine, microsensors, and microscopy. This revised edition delivers helpful and engaging additions to the role and importance of physics in biology and medicine, including new coverage on metamaterials, metabolism, and environmental science. It is ideal for courses in biophysics, medical physics, and related subjects.

Key Features

  • Provides practical information and techniques for building fundamental knowledge and applying physics and biology to the study of living systems
  • Includes numerous figures, examples, illustrative problems, and appendices which provide convenient access to the important concepts of mechanics, electricity, and optics used in the text
  • Features new and revised coverage on metamaterials, metabolism, and environmental science
  • Offers online support, including a full solutions manual for qualified instructors and additional programming resources (PowerPoints) for students
About the author
By Paul Davidovits, University Professor of Chemistry, Boston College, Massachusetts, USA
Table of Contents

1. Static Forces
2. Friction
3. Translational Motion
4. Angular Motion
5. Elasticity and Strength of Materials
6. Insect Flight
7. Fluids
8. The Motion of Fluids
9. Heat and Kinetic Theory
10. Thermodynamics
11. Heat and Life
12. Waves and Sound
13. Electricity
14. Electrical Technology
15. Optics
16. Atomic Physics
17. Nuclear Physics
18. Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine

A. Basic Concepts in Mechanics
B. Review of Electricity
C. Review of Optics

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ISBN: 9780443215582
Page Count: 400
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Students in undergraduate and graduate courses in Biophysics. Professionals / researchers / academics applying Biophysics principles in research and applied settings, who require an introduction or refresher to the subject