Remote Sensing of Climate,
Edition 1
Edited by Timothy Dube, Munyaradzi Davis Shekede, Cletah Shoko and Terence Mushore

Publication Date: 01 Aug 2024
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Remote Sensing of Climate provides cutting-edge techniques in remote sensing of climate variability and the environment. The book focuses on methods and data analytics, advancements in scientific research in the field, and further proffers recommendations on the possible knowledge gaps and future scientific research directions. It covers eight key themes of remote sensing and climate variability, including discussions on how the various aspects from each chapter of the themes interrelate. It also integrates several divergent perspectives on remote sensing and climate variability and the environment to show the interrelationships between the perspectives.

This is an important reference for those in education and research working on remote sensing and climate science who need methods, data analytics, case studies, research strides, and key knowledge gaps in the field.

Key Features

  • Discusses advancements and future research directions in remote sensing for climate variability in a variety of environments
  • Includes simplified and condensed methodologies and data analytics
  • Provides case studies on remote sensing of climate variability, both of the Northern hemisphere temperate systems which are little affected by climate variability, and the greater-impacted global south
About the author
Edited by Timothy Dube, Department of Earth Sciences, University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa; Munyaradzi Davis Shekede, Department of Geography Geospatial Sciences and Earth Observation, University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe; Cletah Shoko, Division of Geography School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa and Terence Mushore, Physics Department, Faculty of Science, University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe
Table of Contents
1. Climate Variability: An introduction
2. Remote Sensing Technology and Advancements
3. Measuring Climate Variability in Agriculture, Rangelands and Natural Ecosystems
4. Measuring Climate Variability Impacts on Wetlands
5. Measuring Climate Variability and Urban Environments
6. Measuring Climate Variability and Water Resources
7. Climate Management through Remote Sensing and Policy Development
8. Opportunities, Progress and Future Prospects
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ISBN: 9780443217319
Page Count: 270
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Researchers, technicians, professors and advanced postgraduate students working in the fields of remote sensing, GIScience, climate change, environmental science, geography and spatial planning