Introduction to Emergency Management,
Edition 8
By George Haddow, Jane Bullock and Damon Coppola

Publication Date: 15 Oct 2024
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Introduction to Emergency Management, Eighth Edition sets the standard for excellence in the field and has educated a generation of emergency management professionals. This trusted resource provides a comprehensive overview of core concepts in emergency management and instructs in their application, addressing why the emergency management profession exists, what actions its professionals and practitioners are tasked with performing, and what achievements are sought through the conduct of these various efforts. Students and new professionals alike will gain an enhanced understanding of key terminology and concepts, enabling them to work with emergency management specialists.

Fully updated throughout, the new edition includes revised workflows and communications; explanations of FEMA, state, and local emergency management organizational policies; the growing role of the private sector in emergency management; Covid-19 pandemic preparedness and response; and the impact of climate change on emergency management policies and practices, among other timely examples and application areas. Each chapter features all-new case studies on recent disasters, key terms, summary points, and self-review questions. Student and faculty use is supported by an expanded ancillary package, featuring a fuller instructor manual, lecture PowerPoint Slides, and linked documents, data sets, references, and video examples.

Key Features

  • Empowers the next generation of emergency management professionals, applying core disaster management approaches and principles across timely, illustrative case studies
  • Considers the impact of climate change, among other current global challenges, on emergency management policies and practices
  • Reviews and instructs in emergency management communication, workflows, and organizational policy best practices
  • Contains an updated, online instructor manual, lecture PowerPoint Slides, further case studies, video examples, and other supporting materials
About the author
By George Haddow, Principal, Bullock & Haddow LLC, Senior Fellow, Disaster Resilience Leadership Institute, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, USA; Jane Bullock, President, Bullock and Haddow LLC, Reston, VA, USA and Damon Coppola, Founder of Shoreline Risk LLC and a Partner with Bullock & Haddow LLC, Damon Coppola, CT, USA
Table of Contents
1. The Historical Context of Emergency Management
2. Natural and Technological Hazards and Risk Assessment
3. The Disciplines of Emergency Management: Mitigation
4. The Disciplines of Emergency Management: Preparedness
5. Communications
6. The Disciplines of Emergency Management: Response
7. The Disciplines of Emergency Management: Recovery
8. International Disaster Management
9. Emergency Management and the Terrorist Threat
10. The Future of Emergency Management
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Page Count: 584
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Undergraduate and graduate students of emergency management