Vaccinology and Immunizations,
Edition 1
By Jahangir Moini, MD, MPH, Obehi Enabulele, PharmD, MBA, MS and Mandana Naderi

Publication Date: 25 Feb 2025
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Vaccinology and Immunizations is a thorough resource on the immune system, the history of vaccines, vaccine preparation, the process of vaccine approval, and the prevention and eradication of diseases. It also includes chapters on vaccine safety and errors, and complete information on pediatric and adult immunizations. There is also discussion on elderly immunology and immunization for people who are seeking to travel abroad, as well as timely information about COVID-19.

Its focus on the innate and adaptive defense systems of the body will ensure understanding of human immunity and how immunizations are effective. There is a variety of available titles related to vaccinology and immunizations, but many are now outdated.

Vaccinology and Immunizations provides a new, updated resource that is widely needed, and will be welcomed by students of undergraduate, graduate and master level in vaccinology or immunology, and would also be of interest to nurses, researchers, and pharmacists.

Key Features

  • Showcases fundamental information on the basics of immunology, as well as an in-depth exploration into the history of vaccines and the immunization process
  • Covers the latest developments in the field, including timely coverage of COVID-19
  • Includes illustrations and tables to enhance learning experiences
  • Offers study questions, case questions and other beneficial learning material for students, as well as test banks, PowerPoint slides and video content for instructors
About the author
By Jahangir Moini, MD, MPH, Retired Professor of Science and Health, Eastern Florida State College, Palm Bay, FL, USA; Obehi Enabulele, PharmD, MBA, MS, Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist, Children's Hospital Colorado, USA and Mandana Naderi, Assistant Professor of Practice, Pharmacy Practice & Science Division of the R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy, University of Arizona, USA
Table of Contents
Vaccinology and Immunizations
Table of Contents

Unit I: Immunity and Immunizations
1: The Immune System
2: Integrative Immunology

Unit II: Vaccinology
3: History of Vaccines
4: Vaccine Preparation
5: The Process of Vaccine Approval
6: Prevention and Eradication of Diseases
7: Vaccine Safety and Errors
8: Pediatric Immunizations
9: Adult Immunizations
10: Elderly Immunology
11: Immunizations for Travelers

Self-Examination Questions
Answer Key
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Students in undergraduate/graduate courses on Vaccinology, Nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians will all benefit from this book