The Global Climate Crisis,
Edition 2 What To Do About It
By William D. Fletcher and Craig B. Smith

Publication Date: 29 Feb 2024
The Global Climate Crisis: What To Do About It addresses the imminent need to fully understand the causes, effects, and evidence of global warming due to the large amount of climate disinformation and complexity of much of the available valid science. In this second edition, the authors broaden the understanding of global warming, bring new findings to light, and report on successes and failures when dealing with this global crisis. They address the science of global warming in a concise, readable manner while providing an in-depth reference for readers who want more details or to study the sources of information.
New developments are covered in this second edition such as advances in the deployment of renewable energy sources and the evolving status of climate change indicators They present a plan based on an established and economically feasible current technology to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. They note that while progress is being made, it is not happening fast enough or on a large enough scale to meet prescribed goals of limiting temperature increase.

Key Features

• Provides a broad understanding of global warming and climate change, with easily understandable language, tables, and charts
• Presents a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that is based on currently available technology that is well-established and economic
• Discusses practical actions that need to be taken and past successes and failures to understand the complexity of addressing global warming
• Offers a practical plan with recommendations covering the technical, economic, and public policy issues involved

New Features

New topics will be covered in this second edition, such as the evolving role of hydrogen as a substitute for natural gas in transportation and industrial applications. In addition, a plan based on established and economically feasible current technology will be presented to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
About the author
By William D. Fletcher, Former Senior Vice President, Rockwell International Corporation, Costa Mesa, CA, USA and Craig B. Smith, Former President and Chairman, DMJM+H&N, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Dealing with global warming
Part one
3. The earth as a system
4. Fundamental drivers of global warming
5. Evidence of a warming planet
6. How do we know greenhouse gases are the issue?
7. What are the effects of global warming?
8. International efforts to address global warming
Part two
9. What it takes to stop global warming
10. Energy alternatives
11. Why is global warming such a difficult problem to solve?
12. Some successes and failures
Part three
13. Action plan: efficiency, power, transportation, and land use
14. Can it be done?
15. The way forward
Part four: appendices
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Academics, researchers, engineers in climate change as well as undergraduate and postgrad students, government officials, legislators