Edition 1 The Training Manual
By Glenda Baum

Publication Date: 29 Jun 1998
A training manual for aquarobics exercise in the water. The aquarobic system encompasses a wide range of activity so that it can be used by professional physiotherapists and hydrotherapists as a technique for the rehabilitation of injured or disabled patients. Because of the simple nature of the movements, it can also be used by fitness coaches in a swimming pool to get their clients fit and keep them so, whatever their age or physical endowments.
About the author
By Glenda Baum, MSc, MCSP, SRP, Roehampton Physiotherapy Clinic, London, UK
Table of Contents
Acknowledgements. Glossary. Part I: Exercise in Water. Introduction What Is Aquarobics. Exercise Physiology. The Properties of Water and the Resultant Physiological Adaptations. Safety Considerations. The Use of Music. Part II: Specific Population Groups. Aquarobics for Later Life. Before and After Childbirth. Inflammatory and Degenerative Arthritis. Orthopaedic Rehabilitation. Aquarobics for the Overweight. Part III: Aquarobics to Promote Health and Fitness., Aerobic Training. Enhancing Muscle Function. Improving Flexibility. Part IV: The Exercises. Introduction. Total Body Movement. Spinal Exercise. Abdominal Exercise. Upper Quadrant. Lower Quadrant. Balance Exercise. Aerobic Combinations. Flexibility. Pelvic Floor Relaxation. Part V: Practical Tips, Equipment, Addresses. Index.
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