Evaluating Change in Community Nursing,
Edition 1
By Karl Atkin, Neil Lunt and Carl Thompson, BSc(Hons), PhD, RN

Publication Date: 17 Feb 1999
Health care is undergoing its most fundamental restructuring since the establishment of the welfare state. Community nursing is at the forefront of these changes and is undergoing huge shifts in priorities, funding and roles. As post-registration education in this area also changes to meet these changing needs, research and evidence-based care become key issues in understanding and demonstrating the need for community nursing. Understanding how national policy translates to local practice issues is a key priority for nurses working in all areas of community practice. Using empirical case studies, this book explores a range of key practice issues, and aims to evaluate the contribution which nursing makes in the community. The text emphasises, explores and evaluates three themes:
  • The shift from secondary to primary care
  • Establishing needs and priority care
  • The role of evaluation in evidence-based practice.
  • Written by leading commentator s in nursing, policy and research, each chapter isbased on substantial research and case studies in practice, and focuses on the importance of evaluation. The book is organised into three sections, exploring how evaluation is needed at the organisational level, in the practice arena and in education andtraining. Clearly written and authoritative, this book will provide an evidence-based resource for all community nurses.
    About the author
    By Karl Atkin, Senior Research Fellow, Ethnicity and Social Policy Research Unit, University of Bradford, UK; Neil Lunt, Lecturer, Department of Social Policy, University of Massey, New Zealand and Carl Thompson, BSc(Hons), PhD, RN, Professor (Personal Chair), Department of Health Sciences, University of York, York, UK Senior Lecturer
    Table of Contents
    Introduction Evaluating Change In Community Nursing. Section 1: Evaluating Changes To Organisational Contexts. Addressing Cultural Diversity In Health Care. Skill Mix In Primary Care Shifting The Balance. Prescribing And Community Nursing An Evaluation Of Practice. Evaluating Changes To Practice Arenas. School Nursing An Evaluation Of Policy And Practice. Evaluation And Community Psychiatric Nursing. The Emergence And Development Of Practice Nursing; Implications For Future Policy And Practice. Evaluating Learning Disability Embracing Change. Section 3 Evaluating Changes To Preparation. Mapping Changes In Competencies In Community Adult Nursing. Elements Of Competence. Evidence-Based Nursing, Evaluation And The Role Of The Community Practitioner.
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