Behavioural Distress,
Edition 1 Concepts and Strategies
By Bob Gates, MSc, BEd(Hons), DipN, RNMH, RMN, CertEd, RNT, Jane Gear and Jane Wray

Publication Date: 12 Jul 2000
Many people find themselves without the experience or skills to deal with individuals with behaviour they do not like or find threatening. This much- needed new text provides insights and access to a range of therapeutic interventions.

The book is divided into three sections. The first provides theoretical background, addresses legal and ethical issues, and raises questions about the language we use to describe behaviour we find difficult to understand. This is followed by the main part of the book and descriptions of seven different approaches and interventions. The third section of the book discusses the problematic nature of evidence for choosing particular interventions and therapies.

Attractively presented, the book includes:
case studies
reader activities
lists of resources, such as annotated bibliographies, addresses of organisations and website addresses

This text will be of benefit to anyone working in health and social services, educational, and independent settings, as well as students, parents and carers.

Written and edited by an interdisciplinary group of expert contributors, this book provides a unique resource that details a wide range of therapeutic interventions in one text.

Key Features

  • Accessible exploration of what constitutes behavioural distress
  • Range of therapies covered includes arts therapies, gentle teaching, and behavioural interventions
  • Unique chapter on examining the evidence based for these therapies
  • Colour plate section
  • Case studies, reader activities and resource lists including web sites
  • About the author
    By Bob Gates, MSc, BEd(Hons), DipN, RNMH, RMN, CertEd, RNT, Head of Learning Disability, Faculty of Health and Human Sciences, Thames Valley University, Berkshire, UK; Jane Gear, Honorary Fellow, Institute for Learning, University of Hull, UK and Jane Wray, Research Associate, The East Yorkshire Learning Disability Institute, University of Hull, UK
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    ISBN: 9780702024153
    Page Count: 328
    Illustrations : 35 ills.
    Retail Price : £39.99
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    Health and social services, educational and independent settings, students, parents and carers.
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