Handbook of Avian Medicine,
Edition 2
Edited by Thomas N. Tully, DVM, MS, DABVP (Avian), DECZM (Avian), Gerry M. Dorrestein, Prof Dr, Dr hc, DVM, and Alan K Jones, BVet, Med, MRCVS

Publication Date: 27 Mar 2009
This reference gives the small animal practitioner a complete information source for the basics of avian medicine and surgery. It pulls together the international expertise of the avian veterinary community by incorporating the knowledge of authors world-wide. The first six chapters cover the basic medical information needed to run a primary care avian practice. The focus here is on introductory level material and the average companion animal practice. If you see between one and five birds a week, this text is for you. The later chapters are species-specific and help the veterinarian in evaluating, treating, and/or referring various bird species. The new edition builds on the success of the first edition and includes full colour illustrations throughout.

Key Features

  • First 6 chapters: cover basic information needed to run a primary care avian practice
  • Later chapters: species-specific helping veterinarians to build up their knowledge in order to evaluate, treat and/or refer
  • Multi-author text combining best practice tips and different techniques from avian experts worldwide: the editors are from 3 different countries and the chapter authors from many more
  • Provides quick access to crucial information for the non-specialist
  • Offers the basics of avian medicine and surgery

New Features

• Fully up-dated throughout
• Full colour throughout
• Increase of line drawings and illustrations in general
• Better quality images
• Includes practice tip highlights throughout
About the author
Edited by Thomas N. Tully, DVM, MS, DABVP (Avian), DECZM (Avian), Professor Zoological Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA; Gerry M. Dorrestein, Prof Dr, Dr hc, DVM,, Director of Dutch Research Institute for Avian and Exotic Animals (NOIVBD); Part time assignment at Avian, Exotic Animal and Wildlife Pathology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands; Part time assignment at VMF University of Leipzig, Small Animal Clinic, Clinic for Birds and Reptiles, Germany and Alan K Jones, BVet, Med, MRCVS
Table of Contents
• The development of avian species
• Basic anatomy, physiology and nutrition
• The physical examination
• Clinical tests
• Imaging techniques
• Nursing the sick bird
• Psittacine birds
• Passerines
• Raptors
• Cranes
• Ratites
• Waterfowl
• Galliformes
• Ramphastids
• Pigeons
• Seabirds
• The management of a multi-species bird collection in a zoological park
• Index
Book details
ISBN: 9780702028748
Page Count: 496
Retail Price : £85.99
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Primary: small animal practitioners who see occasional avian patients
Secondary: avian specialists