Obstetrics Illustrated International Edition,
Edition 7
By Kevin P. Hanretty, MD, FRCOG

Publication Date: 19 Aug 2009
This popular guide uses illustrations and concise, integrated text to describe the essentials of obstetric practice today. From the physiology of reproduction through antenatal care and disorders in pregnancy to labour and the puerperium period, readers will find an easy-to-grasp presentation of the field's most important issues.
About the author
By Kevin P. Hanretty, MD, FRCOG, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, The Queen Mother's Hospital, Glasgow; Honorary Senior Clinical University Teacher, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
Table of Contents
1. Physiology of reproduction
2. Fetal and maternal physiology
3. Obstetrical anatomy
4. Diagnosis of pregnancy
5. Antenatal care
6. Assessment of the fetus
7. Diseases of pregnancy
8. Systemic diseases in pregnancy
9. Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy
10. Multiple pregnancy and other antenatal complications
11. Normal labour
12. Abnormal labour
13. Abnormalities of the third stage of labour and of the placenta and cord
14. Obstetrical operations and maternal injuries
15. Puerperium: normal and abnormal
16. The newborn baby
17. Maternal and perinatal mortality
18. Contraception
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ISBN: 9780702030789
Page Count: 448
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