Foot and Ankle Injection Techniques,
Edition 1 A Practical Guide
By Stuart Metcalfe, FPodA, FCPodS and Ian Reilly, FCPodS, DMS

Publication Date: 29 Mar 2010

Foot and Ankle Injection Techniques provides the student and practising podiatrist with all they need to understand when, how and what to inject.

To support the clinician and student, the text covers:

  • Changes in legislation
  • The full range of injectable drugs available to the practitioner
  • Essential information on nerve physiology, drug action, equipment, patient selection, injection techniques and many other topics
  • A step-by-step guide to injection techniques
  • Useful background information in introductory chapters

Written by two highly respected consultant podiatric surgeons.

Key Features

  • Online resources including video clips to supplement the text. For access, please log on to, and follow the instructions
  • Abundant photographs and clear line illustrations of the techniques and underlying anatomy
About the author
By Stuart Metcalfe, FPodA, FCPodS, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon and Ian Reilly, FCPodS, DMS, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, The Capio Woodland Hospital, Kettering, UK
Table of Contents

Local Anaesthetics. Applications of Local Anaesthetics. Patient Suitability for Local Anaesthetic. Calculating Maximum Safe Doses. Complications of Peripheral Nerve Blocks. Nerve Stimulators. The Basics. Basic Local Anaesthetic Techniques. Advanced Local Anaesthetic Techniques. Corticosteroid Injection Therapy. Common Foot And Ankle Conditions: Joint Injections. Common Foot And Ankle Conditions: Soft Tissue Injections. Other Injection Therapies

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Page Count: 208
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Student podiatrists, practising podiatrists
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