Master Dentistry Volume 3 Oral Biology,
Edition 1 Oral Anatomy, Histology, Physiology and Biochemistry
By Barry Berkovitz, BDS, MSc, PhD, FDS (ENG), Bernard J. Moxham, BSc, BDS, PhD, FHEA, FRSB, Hon FAS, FSAE, Roger W. A. Linden, BDS, PhD, MFDS, RCS and Alastair J. Sloan, BSc, PhD

Publication Date: 29 Oct 2010

Master Dentistry: Oral Biology is designed as a revision guide for dental students and offers the ‘curriculum essentials’ in an easy-to-digest format. Each section is fully illustrated throughout and is supported by extensive self-assessment questions which allow the reader to assess their own knowledge of the topic and perfect their exam techniques.

New to the Master Dentistry series, this volume addresses oral anatomy and its related histology, physiology and biochemistry and is perfect for both undergraduate students and post-graduates preparing for the MJDF.

Key Features

  • Quick reference revision aid for dental students – ideal for exam preparation!
  • Covers the ‘essentials’ of the subject to a level that is expected with the GDC’s curriculum outlined in the First Five Years document.
  • Each chapter provides a brief overview of the topic and lists the essential learning objectives for that area of study.
  • Presents key anatomical, biochemical and physiological material in a useful, integrated, clinically relevant format.
  • Includes extensive self-testing material – true false questions, extended matching questions, picture questions, and essay questions – enabling readers to assess their knowledge and perfect exam techniques.
  • Contains unique, ‘mind-map’ summary sheets to provide crucial information in a pictorial format to further promote learning.
About the author
By Barry Berkovitz, BDS, MSc, PhD, FDS (ENG), Emeritus Reader in Dental Anatomy, King's College London, UK, Visiting Professor, Oman Dental College, Mina Al Fahal; Oman and Honorary Curator, Odontological Collection, Hunterian Museum, Royal College of Surgeons of England, London, UK; Bernard J. Moxham, BSc, BDS, PhD, FHEA, FRSB, Hon FAS, FSAE, Emeritus Professor of Anatomy, Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK; Roger W. A. Linden, BDS, PhD, MFDS, RCS, Professor of Craniofacial Biology, King's College London, London, UK and Alastair J. Sloan, BSc, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Bone Biology and Tissue Engineering, School of Dentistry, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
Table of Contents

1. The anatomy of the oral cavity and the jaws

2. Temporomandibular (craniomandibular) joint

3. The human dentition-tooth morphology and occlusion

4. The oro-facial musculature, mastication and swallowing

5. The tongue, flavour and thermoreception, speech

6. The vasculature, lymphatics and innervation of the oro-dental tissues

7. Salivary glands, saliva and salivation

8. Investing organic layers on enamel surfaces

9. Development of the craniofacial complex

10. Early tooth development, root development (including cementogenesis) and tooth eruption

11. Mechanisms of mineralisation

12. The dental tissues I. Enamel (structure, composition and development)

13. Dental tissues II. The dentine/pulp complex(structure, composition, development and oral pain)

14. The dental tissues III. Cementum (structure and composition)

15. The periodontal ligament (including oral and periodontal mechanoreception and the tooth support mechanism)

16. Alveolar bone (structure and composition)

17. The oral mucosa and gingival crevicular fluid (structure and composition)

Revision Summary Charts

  1. The oral cavity
  2. The jaws
  3. Temporomandibular joint
  4. Incisors of the human dentition
  5. Canines of the human dentition
  6. Premolars of the human dentition
  7. Molars of the human dentition
  8. The alignment and occlusion of the human permanent dentition
  9. Anatomy of the oro-facial musculature
  10. Mastication
  11. Swallowing
  12. The tongue
  13. Flavour
  14. Vasculature and innervation of oro-dental structure
  15. Major salivary glands
  16. Salivary gland structure
  17. Saliva biochemistry
  18. Physiology of salivary secretion
  19. Craniofacial development
  20. Enamel integuments
  21. Early tooth development
  22. Root development
  23. Tooth eruption
  24. Mineralisation
  25. Enamel
  26. Enamel biochemistry
  27. Enamel formation
  28. Dentine structure
  29. Zones in dentine
  30. Oral nociception
  31. Cementum
  32. The periodontal ligament
  33. Tooth support mechanism
  34. Periodontal ligament mechanoreceptors
  35. Bone
  36. Oral mucosa
  37. Gingival crevicular fluid
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"Primarily aimed at undergraduates, it is also perfect for post-graduates studying for the Membership of the joint Dental Faculties or similar examinations."

BDA News, May 2011

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