Harty's Endodontics in Clinical Practice,
Edition 6
Edited by Bun San Chong, BDS, MSc., PhD, LDS RCS(Eng), FDS RCS(Eng), FDS RCS(Edin), MFGDP(UK), MRD, FHEA

Publication Date: 05 May 2010

This is a new edition of the now classic book which has established itself as a standard text for dental students.

Key Features

  • Practical approach to the subject, taking the reader through every step of endodontic practice from scientific basis to patient assessment and through to clinical techniques
  • Evidence-based approach to ensure safe clinical practice
  • More than 250 illustrations, many in full colour, presenting clinical, diagnostic and practical information in an easy-to-follow manner
  • A logical approach to the subject by building upon a clear explanation of the underlying scientific principles
  • Prepared by international contributors to ensure a wider appeal
  • Written at a level which is ideal for dental student, general and vocational dental practitioners

New Features

  • Includes new imaging techniques such as Cone Beam Computed Tomography
  • A new chapter on diagnosis, integral to treatment planning, patient management and care
  • Recent research findings on the pathogenesis of endodontic disease and the management of persistent infection in previously treated teeth
  • A completely rewritten chapter on the restoration of endodontically treated teeth
  • Newer treatment modalities and materials such as regenerative techniques and Mineral Trioxide Aggregate in endodontics
  • The use and development of NiTi instruments, both hand and rotary, which are increasingly popular for preparing root canals
  • Published for the first time in full colour with over 185 new images!
About the author
Edited by Bun San Chong, BDS, MSc., PhD, LDS RCS(Eng), FDS RCS(Eng), FDS RCS(Edin), MFGDP(UK), MRD, FHEA, Specialist in Endodontics, Professor of Restorative Dentistry/Honorary Consultant, Endodontic Lead & Director, Postgraduate Endodontics, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK
Table of Contents

1 Introduction & overview



Modern endodontics

Scope of endodontics

Role of microorganisms

Tissue response to root canal infection

Quality assurance

Recent developments

Learning outcomes


2 General and systemic aspects of endodontics



Differential diagnosis of dental pain

Maxillary sinus

Systemic disease and endodontics

Use of antibiotics in endodontics

Control of pain and anxiety

British National Formulary

Learning outcomes


3 Diagnosis






Differential diagnosis


Treatment options

Specific endodontic treatment options

Learning outcomes


4 Pulp space anatomy & access cavities




Accessory and lateral canals

Location of apical foramina

Variations in pulp space anatomy

Effects of irritation dentine on pulp space

Pulp space anatomy and access cavities

Pulp space anatomy of primary teeth

Apical closure

Learning outcomes


5 Maintaining dental pulp vitality



Pulp-dentine complex

Pulp response to irritants

Pulpal irritants

Management of deep caries

Management of pulp exposure

Regenerative developments

Pulp response and maintaining pulp vitality

Learning outcomes


6 Instrumentation in endodontics



Basic instrument pack

Rubber dam

Instruments for access cavity preparation

Instruments for root canal preparation

Devices to determine working length

Irrigant delivery devices

Instruments for retrieving broken instruments and posts

Instruments for filling root canals

Storage and sterilization of endodontic instruments

Loupes, fibre-optic lights and operating microscopes

Learning outcomes


7 Preparation of the root canal system



Gaining access to the root canals

Working length determination

Root canal irrigation

Instrumentation techniques

Controversies in root canal cleaning and shaping

Learning outcomes


8 Intracanal medication




Rationale and overview of applications

Microbiology of endodontic infections

Antimicrobial agents

Resistance of oral microbes to medicaments

Concept of predictable disinfection in endodontics

Induction of hard tissue formation

Pain of endodontic origin

Exudation and bleeding

Root resorption

Tissue distribution of medicaments

Tissue toxicity and biological considerations

Suggested clinical procedures

Learning outcomes


9 Root canal filling



Canal anatomy

Access and canal preparation

Criteria for filling

Materials used to fill root canals


Smear layer


Other methods of root canal filling

Coronal restoration


Treatment outcome

Learning outcomes


10 Surgical endodontics



Treatment choices

Indications for periradicular surgery

Preoperative assessment

Surgical kit

Surgical technique

Periradicular surgery of particular teeth

Repair of perforation


Regenerative procedures

Treatment outcome – aetiology and evaluation

Retreatment of surgical procedures

Learning outcomes


11 Endodontics in primary teeth



Treatment of primary teeth

Learning outcomes


12 Endodontic aspects of traumatic injuries



History, examination and immediate management

Types of injury

Effects of trauma on the dental tissues

Management of primary teeth

Management of permanent teeth

Root canal treatment of immature teeth

Avoidance of cervical root fracture

Surgical treatment of immature teeth

Revascularisation treatment of immature teeth

Regenerative treatment of immature teeth

Auto-transplantation of an immature premolar into the incisor space


Orthodontic treatment

Learning outcomes


13 Marginal periodontitis & the dental pulp


Anatomical considerations

Effect of inflamed pulp on the periodontium

Effect of marginal periodontitis on the pulp


Complications due to radicular anomalies

Alternatives to implants

Learning outcomes


14 Problems in endodontic treatment


Emergency treatment

Failure of anaesthesia in acute inflammation

Problems with preparation of the root canal system

Problems with filling of the root canal system

Learning outcomes


15 Restoration of endodontically treated teeth



Effects of endodontic treatment on the tooth

Survival of the endodontically treated tooth

Timing the restorative procedure

Restoration choice


Learning outcomes


Book Reviews
Comments about previous edition:

This is a very informative textbook which I would definitely recommend and have learnt from. I wish I had known about it and read it on my undergraduate course - at the time I had not realised that there was such a concise book on the subject at a suitable level, interesting and easy to read!

This book should give people the confidence and encouragement to perform more endodontic procedures.

Georgina Baker, PG Student, Eastman Dental Institute, UK

Overall, an EXCELLENT and concise endodontic book for all clinicians of varying backgrounds and experience. I would highly recommend it!

Miss Zahra Hussain, PG Student, Eastman Dental Institute, UK

Harty’s Endodontics in Clinical Practice is an excellent text for both the undergraduate dental student and the busy general dental practitioner. Its logical, evidence-based chapters and concise approach progress through the course of endodontic treatment with the aid of excellent diagrams, radiographs and photographs, giving the reader a clear and easy explanation as to the principles of root canal treatment, the essentials of periradicular surgery and the management of traumatic injuries. This is an excellent reference text for a continually evolving field.

Tony Preston, Senior Lecturer in Endodontics, Liverpool, UK

‘With Endodontics now a recognised specialty within the UK, this book has established itself as the definitive text on the subject for the undergraduate dentist. The meticulous detail and excellent editing ensure there is little in the book to be criticised.’
Student, MAD Magazine - Barts and The London Students' Association, June 2004
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