Atlas of Clinical Dermatology,
Edition 4
By Anthony du Vivier, MD, FRCP

Publication Date: 19 Dec 2012

2013 BMA Medical Book Awards 1st Prize Award Winner in Internal Medicine!

Now in its 4th edition, Dr. du Vivier's bestselling Atlas of Clinical Dermatology provides the comprehensive visual guidance you need to effectively evaluate, diagnose, and manage all forms of skin disease. Over 2,300 images richly depict etiology, clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment, equipping you to provide the best care to every patient.

Key Features

  • Get complete guidance on etiology, clinical features, diagnosis, and treatment with Dr. du Vivier's Atlas of Clinical Dermatology.
  • Compare dermatopathology images and their accompanying presentations and manifestations side by side through an oversized format that accommodates larger illustrations.
  • Quickly find the answers to your most common clinical questions with help from a clear, consistent writing approach.
  • Get well-rounded coverage of regional dermatology, dermatoses of infancy, pregnancy and management, HIV and AIDs, and immunosuppression and transplants.

New Features

  • View each skin disease clearly with 2,300 full-color, high-quality images, including more dermatopathology specimens than ever before.
  • Effectively diagnose patients of color with enhanced coverage of diverse skin types.
About the author
By Anthony du Vivier, MD, FRCP, Physician in Charge, The Skin Department, King's College Hospital, London, UK
Table of Contents

1 The Dermatological Diagnosis

2 The structure and function of normal skin

3 Eczema

4 Contact dermatitis

5 Psoriasis

6 Pityriasis rosea and pityriasis rubra pilaris

7 Lichen planus and lichenoid eruptions

8 Naevi and developmental defects

9 Benign tumours of the skin

10 Non-melanoma skin cancer

11 Moles and melanoma

12 Mycosis fungoides and lymphoproliferative disorders

13 Bacterial and spirochaetal infections

14 Viral disorders of the skin

15 Superficial fungal disorders of the skin

16 Infestations of the skin

17 Tropical infections of the skin

18 Reactive disorders of the skin and drug eruptions

19 Blistering disorders of the skin

20 Developmental disorders of the skin

21 Connective tissue disorders

22 The skin and systemic disease

23 Skin manifestations of disordered circulation

24 Disorders of sebaceous, sweat and apocrine glands

25 Nail Disorders

26 Disorders of the hair and scalp

27 Disorders of pigmentation

28 Skin disorders associated with pregnancy and the reproductive system

29 Psychological disorders and the skin

Book details
ISBN: 9780702034213
Page Count: 740
Illustrations : Approx. 2373 illustrations (2357 in full color)
Retail Price : £221.99
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