Electrophysical Agents,
Edition 13 Evidence-based Practice
Edited by Tim Watson, PhD, BSc(Hons), MCSP, DipTP and Ethne Nussbaum

Publication Date: 02 Apr 2020
Electrophysical Modalities (formerly Electrotherapy: Evidence-Based Practice) is back in its 13th edition, continuing to uphold the standard of clinical research and evidence base for which it has become renowned. This popular textbook comprehensively covers the use of electrotherapy in clinical practice and includes the theory which underpins that practice. Over recent years the range of therapeutic agents involved and the scope for their use have greatly increased and the new edition includes and evaluates the latest evidence and most recent developments in this fast-growing field.Tim Watson is joined by co-editor Ethne Nussbaum and both bring years of clinical, research and teaching experience to the new edition, with a host of new contributors, all leaders in their specialty.
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Edited by Tim Watson, PhD, BSc(Hons), MCSP, DipTP, Professor of Physiotherapy, University of Hertfordshire, UK and Ethne Nussbaum
Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Scientific Concepts

1 Introduction and General Concepts, Tim Watson and Ethne L. Nussbaum

SECTION 2 Biophysical and Physiological Constructs

2 Physical Principles of Sound, Electricity and Magnetism, Gail ter Haar

3 Physiological Principles,

(a) The Neurobiology of Pain and Analgesia, Kathleen A. Sluka

(b) Soft Tissue Healing and Repair, Tim Watson

4 Foundations of Electrical Stimulation, David M. Selkowitz

SECTION 3 Thermal and Microthermal Modalities

5 Biophysical Effects of Heating and Cooling, Tim Watson

6 Superficial Heating, Binoy Kumaran

7 Pulsed and Continuous Shortwave and Radiofrequency Therapies, Maryam M. Al-Mandeel and Tim Watson

8 Cryotherapy, Chris Bleakley

SECTION 4 Non-Thermal, Microthermal and Light Energies

9 Ultrasound, Tim Watson

10 Laser/Photobiomodulation, G. David Baxter and Ethne L. Nussbaum

11 Ultraviolet Therapy, Ethne L. Nussbaum

12 Magnetic and Pulsed Magnetic (PEMF) Therapies, Oscar Ronzio

13 Shockwave, Cliff Eaton and Tim Watson

14 Vibration, Marco Y. C. Pang and Freddy M. H. Lam

SECTION 5 Electrical Stimulation

15 Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

(TENS), Mark I. Johnson

16 Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

(NMES), Joseph Anthony

17 Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), Sally Durham and Sarah Taylor

18 Alternating Currents: Interferential Therapy, Russian Stimulation and Burst-Modulated Low-Frequency Stimulation, Jorge Fuentes C.

19 Electrical Stimulation for Wounds, Luther Kloth, Anna Polak and Tim Watson

SECTION 6 Diagnostics

20 Electrodiagnosis, Michael C. Lescallette

21 Ultrasound Imaging, John Leddy and Mark Maybury

SECTION 7 Safe Practice

22 Electrophysical Agents: General Guidelines, Contraindications and Precautions,Tim Watson and Ethne L. Nussbaum


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