Carvers' Medical Imaging,
Edition 3
By Elizabeth Carver, BSc(Hons), FAETC, DCRR, Barry Carver, PgDipCT, PGCE, DCRR and Karen Knapp

Publication Date: 22 Jun 2021

The third edition of Carvers’ Medical Imaging supports radiography students to take a reflective, evidence-based approach that will enhance their practice.

This important textbook comprehensively covers the full range of medical imaging methods and techniques in one volume, and discusses them in relation to imaging principles, radiation dose, patient condition, body area and pathologies. It encourages the student to critically analyse their work rather than simply carrying out tasks.

The book has been updated by an impressive team of contributors to align with developments in both radiographic techniques and the role of the radiographer. It is an essential companion for students of BSc (Hons) diagnostic radiography, those undertaking a foundation degree in radiographic practice or bachelor of medicine, and postgraduates alike.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive, fully illustrated and well referenced discussion of all imaging techniques.
  • Full image evaluation for radiographic examinations, including common errors
  • New material on potential impact of errors on accuracy of the radiographic report
  • New sections on preliminary clinical evaluation for projection radiography examinations, which prepares students for UK professional standards
  • Section on cross infection implications (relevant post COVID-19)
  • Includes imaging of children with suspected physical abuse
About the author
By Elizabeth Carver, BSc(Hons), FAETC, DCRR, Undergraduate Course Director, School of Radiography, University of Wales, Bangor, UK; Barry Carver, PgDipCT, PGCE, DCRR, Director of Postgraduate Studies, School of Radiography, University of Wales, Bangor, Wales and Karen Knapp
Table of Contents

Digital Imaging

2. Image Quality and Dose

3. Introduction to general radiography and preliminary clinical evaluation

4. Fingers, hand and wrist

5. Forearm, elbow, humerus, shoulder girdle

6. Foot, toes, ankle, tibia and fibula

7. Knee and femur

8. Pelvis and hips

9. Cervical and thoracic spine

10. Lumbar spine, sacrum and coccyx

11. Principles of radiography of the head

12. Cranial vault and specialised projections of the head

13. Facial Bones and Paranasal Sinuses

14. Dental radiography

15. Chest and thoracic skeleton

16. Abdomen

17. Emergency Department

18. Principles of theatre and mobile radiography

19. Paediatric imaging in general radiography

20. Contrast media

21. Gastrointestinal imaging

22. Genitourinary contrast imaging

23. Vascular imaging

24. Interventional and therapeutic procedures

25. Breast imaging

26. Computed tomography

27. Magnetic resonance imaging

28. Radionuclide imaging

29. Ultrasound

30. Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry

Book details
ISBN: 9780702069550
Page Count: 580
Illustrations : Approx. 816 illustrations (219 in full color)
Retail Price : £96.99

undergraduate radiographers, practicing radiographers in areas where PCE will be required, which will likely be all areas of general radiography (‘bench book’), trainee assistant radiographers, assistant radiographers, trainee doctors and newly practicing doctors

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