New Edition
Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, International Edition,
Edition 6
Edited by Cate Whittlesea, BSc, MSc, PhD, MRPharmS and Karen Hodson, BSc (Pharm), MSc, PhD, MRPharmS , FFRPS

Publication Date: 07 Aug 2018

Now fully revised and updated in its sixth edition, Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics combines the skills of an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, pharmacists and nurses to present an integrated understanding of disease processes, evidence-based clinical pharmacology and optimal drug regimes.


Key Features

  • Key points boxes at the beginning of each chapter
  • Case-study boxes throughout the chapters
  • Each chapter co-written by a pharmacist and a clinician
  • In-depth treatment of therapeutics to support pharmaceutical prescribing
  • Logical order and format: key points, epidemiology, aetiology, disease, clinical manifestations, investigations and treatment, drugs used in treatment.
  • Dosage reference sources given where appropriate, along with useful websites and further reading for each chapter.
  • Organised by body system.

New Features

  • New co-editor, Karen Hodson
  • Over 10 new authors
  • Now in 4-colour
  • On StudentConsult for the first time
  • New chapter on Dementia
  • Many new and revised illustrations
  • Chapters revised to include advances in therapeutics and changes to dose regimens and licensed indications
  • Updated case studies
About the author
Edited by Cate Whittlesea, BSc, MSc, PhD, MRPharmS, Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Associate Director Clinical Examination, UCL School of Pharmacy, University College London, London, UK and Karen Hodson, BSc (Pharm), MSc, PhD, MRPharmS , FFRPS, Director MSc in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacist Independent Prescribing Programmes, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.
Table of Contents

Section 1: General

  1. Clinical pharmacy process
  2. Prescribing
  3. Practical pharmacokinetics
  4. Drug interactions
  5. Adverse drug reactions
  6. Laboratory data
  7. Parenteral nutrition
  8. Pharmacoeconomics
  9. Section 2: Life stages

  10. Neonates
  11. Paediatrics
  12. Geriatrics
  13. Section 3: TherapeuticsGastrointestinal disorders

  14. Peptic ulcer disease
  15. Inflammatory bowel disease
  16. Constipation and diarrhoea
  17. Adverse effects of drugs on the liver
  18. Liver disease.
  19. Acute kidney injury
  20. Chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease
  21. Hypertension
  22. Coronary heart disease
  23. Chronic heart failure
  24. Arrhythmias
  25. Thrombosis
  26. Dyslipidaemia
  27. Asthma
  28. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  29. Insomnia
  30. Anxiety disorders
  31. Affective disorders
  32. Schizophrenia
  33. Epilepsy
  34. Parkinson's disease
  35. Dementia
  36. Pain
  37. Nausea and vomiting
  38. Respiratory infections
  39. Urinary tract infections
  40. Gastrointestinal infections
  41. Infective meningitis
  42. Surgical site infection and antimicrobial prophylaxis
  43. Tuberculosis
  44. HIV infection.
  45. Fungal infections
  46. Thyroid and parathyroid disorders
  47. Diabetes mellitus
  48. Menstrual cycle disorders
  49. Menopause
  50. Drugs in pregnancy and lactation
  51. Prostate disease.
  52. Anaemia.
  53. Leukaemia
  54. Lymphomas
  55. Solid tumours.
  56. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
  57. Gout and hyperuricaemia
  58. Glaucoma
  59. Drug-induced skin disorders
  60. Eczema and psoriasis
  61. Wounds.

Section 4: Appendices.

Medical abbreviations



Book Reviews

From reviews of the previous edition:

‘Brill book for any undergraduate pharmacy student; covers the major therapeutic areas with nice little case studies with answers at the end of each chapter to get you thinking. Additionally, the first few chapters cover generic topics such as biochemical tests with plenty of detail and references. Highly recommend.’

‘A highly informative essential for any pharmacy student. Through my four years of pharmacy education, this book was second only to the BNF in sheer frequency of use.’

‘An excellent book for the pharmacist undertaking a clinical diploma. Clear and very informative.’

‘Excellent book to gain an overall well rounded knowledge of the subject. As much as you need to know as a pharmacy student and pharmacist, if not more. Excellent revision tool for making notes.’

‘If you are about to undertake Non-Medical Prescribing then this is probably the only book you'll need to buy.’

‘Very good book with a good depth of knowledge which is useful for clinical pharmacists, doctors and other healthcare professionals.’

‘This new edition was really very helpful when I was doing an MSc course in Advanced Pharmacy Practice and it was really very helpful in all the clinical diseases I have to read for my PBL. I also used it as one of my most reliable reference books for the in-course simulation ward rounds and other clinical case studies.’

‘It is a great book to have as a practising Clinical or Hospital pharmacist or even Community Pharmacist. It will also be of great use to anyone doing a course in pharmacotherapy. This book will always be of use to you throughout your studentship or when practising after graduation.
It is also more portable than most other pharmacotherapy textbooks with the same amount of information.’

Book details
ISBN: 9780702070112
Page Count: 1112
Illustrations : Approx. 237 illustrations
Retail Price : £29.99

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