Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing,
Edition 4
Edited by Jean V. Craig, PhD, MSc, RSCN, RGN and Dawn Dowding, PhD, RN, FAAN

Publication Date: 24 Sep 2019

The Evidence-Based Practice Manual successfully breaks down the skills required for evidence-based nursing into manageable components. The reader will learn how to find, critically read and interpret a range of research studies, and will discover optimal approaches towards helping patients reach decisions that are informed by the best-available evidence. The more-strategic concepts of developing an organisational evidence-based culture and making evidence-based changes at the organisational level are addressed in the final chapter. This popular book comes with helpful online exercises including NCLEX questions for the US readership.

Key Features

  • Helps students learn to read and understand research results as a foundation for evidence-based practice
  • Easy writing style makes a potentially difficult subject accessible and enjoyable
  • Explains how to search the literature and rank it according to the strength of its evidence
  • Case studies, scenarios and exercises ‘bring the subject to life’
  • Clearly explains the process of critical appraisal – quality of the study, interpretation of the results, and applicability of the findings to individual patients
  • Explains the various means of applying data from population studies to the individual
  • Offers practical advice on how to communicate risks and benefits to patients
  • Contains a glossary of useful terms

New Features

  • New editorship brings an international dimension to the content
  • Includes a new chapter on mixed methods studies
  • Expanded discussion of the evaluation of qualitative systematic reviews
  • Updated information on the implementation of guidelines and the current role of evidence in healthcare organisational policy
  • Now published in full colour throughout
About the author
Edited by Jean V. Craig, PhD, MSc, RSCN, RGN, Research Advisor, NIHR Research Design Service for the East of England (Norfolk and Suffolk), Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK and Dawn Dowding, PhD, RN, FAAN, Chair in Clinical Decision-Making, Division of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work, The University of Manchester, Oxford Rd, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK
Table of Contents

1 Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

2 How to ask the right question

3 Searching the literature

4 Using evidence from qualitative studies

5 Using evidence from quantitative studies

6 Using evidence from mixed methods studies

7 Using evidence from systematic reviews

8 Evidence-based guidelines

9 Using research evidence in making clinical decisions with individual patients

10 How can we develop an evidence-based culture?


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ISBN: 9780702070488
Page Count: 220
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Undergraduate and post-graduate nursing students

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