Clinical Surgery,
Edition 4
Edited by M. Asif Chaudry, James Kinross and Shahnawaz Rasheed

Publication Date: 16 Dec 2022

Clinical Surgery provides a complete overview of all surgical specialties, and is suitable for advanced undergraduates through to surgical trainees preparing for the FRCS.

This comprehensive textbook is designed around the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme (ISCP) framework, and provides information needed for passing MCQs, OSCEs and Vivas in the one book. Information is divided into three clear sections: basic science and surgical strategy; common surgical conditions and trauma; and leadership, evidence-based practice and global surgery.

This fourth edition has been fully updated and restructured by a new editorial team. Older concepts have been replaced by a new focus on systems biology, omics sciences and multidisciplinary sciences, and the book presents a modern, inclusive view of the surgeon as part of a multidisciplinary team delivering high quality care.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive and accessible – all you need in the one book
  • Information presented logically and clearly in three clear sections
  • Aligns with the ISCP – designed for surgical trainees
  • Highly illustrated to support understanding
  • Detailed practice information and summaries of complex themes to aid with preparation for exams
  • Practical steps designed to facilitate procedural based learning and OSCEs

New Features

  • Entirely revised to follow the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum (ISC)
  • New focus on prevention of surgical disease
  • Introduction of sections on surgical safety and quality improvement
  • New sections on the elderly surgical patients, the dying patient and surgical technology
About the author
Edited by M. Asif Chaudry; James Kinross and Shahnawaz Rasheed
Table of Contents
1 Inflammation, Wound Healing and Surgical Immunology
2 Pharmacology in Surgical Practice
3 Disorders of Growth, Differentiation and Morphogenesis
4 Cancer: Principles of Surgical Oncology
5 Surgical Infection
6 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
7 The Principles of Assessment and Management of the Surgical Patient
8 Perioperative Management and Postoperative Complications
9 Principles of Paediatric Surgery
10 The Older Surgical Patient
11 The Dying Surgical Patient
12 Organ Transplantation
13 Emergency General Surgery
14 Practical Procedures
15 An Introduction to Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging
16 Interventional Radiology
17 Surgical Technology and Innovation
18 Common Surgical Conditions of Head and Neck
19 Common Surgical Conditions of Pulmonary Disease
20 Common Upper Gastrointestinal Surgical Conditions and their Management
21 Common Colorectal Surgical Conditions
22 Common Anal Conditions
23 Surgical Pathology of the Liver, Pancreas and Biliary Tract
24 Small-Bowel Disease and Intestinal Obstruction
25 Common Endocrine Surgical Conditions
26 Common Breast Surgical Conditions 
27 Common Vascular Conditions 
28 Common Urological Conditions 
29 Common Neurosurgical Conditions 
30 Hernia
31 Principles of Plastic Surgery
32 Skin Disorders
33 Sarcoma
34 Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
35 Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
36 Trauma Surgery/Principles of Trauma Care
37 Leadership and the Surgical Team and Management
38 Evidence Based Medicine
39 Surgical Ethics
40 Global Surgery
Book details
ISBN: 9780702070501
Page Count: 900
Illustrations : 400 illustrations (400 in full color)
Retail Price : £48.99
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