Gray's Surgical Anatomy,
Edition 1
Edited by Peter A. Brennan, Susan Standring and Sam Wiseman

Publication Date: 11 Dec 2019

Written and edited by expert surgeons in collaboration with a world-renowned anatomist, this exquisitely illustrated reference consolidates surgical, anatomical and technical knowledge for the entire human body in a single volume. Part of the highly respected Gray’s ‘family,’ this new resource brings to life the applied anatomical knowledge that is critically important in the operating room, with a high level of detail to ensure safe and effective surgical practice. Gray’s Surgical Anatomy is unique in the field: effectively a textbook of regional anatomy, a dissection manual, and an atlas of operative procedures – making it an invaluable resource for surgeons and surgical trainees at all levels of experience, as well as students, radiologists, and anatomists.

Key Features

  • Brings you expert content written by surgeons for surgeons, with all anatomical detail quality assured by Lead Co-Editor and Gray’s Anatomy Editor-in-Chief, Professor Susan Standring.
  • Features superb colour photographs from the operating room, accompanied by detailed explanatory artwork and figures from the latest imaging modalities - plus summary tables, online videos (intra-operative and cadaveric), self-assessment questions, and case-based scenarios – making it an ideal reference and learning package for surgeons at all levels.
  • Reflects contemporary practice with chapters logically organized by anatomical region, designed for relevance to surgeons across a wide range of subspecialties, practice types, and clinical settings – and aligned to the requirements of current trainee curricula.
  • Maximizes day-to-day practical application with references to core surgical procedures throughout, as well as the ‘Tips and Anatomical Hazards’ from leading international surgeons.
  • Demonstrates key anatomical features and relationships that are essential for safe surgical practice - using brand-new illustrations, supplemented by carefully selected contemporary artwork from the most recent edition of Gray’s Anatomy and other leading publications.
  • Integrates essential anatomy for robotic and minimal access approaches, including laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques.
  • Features dedicated chapters describing anatomy of lumbar puncture, epidural anaesthesia, peripheral nerve blocks, echocardiographic anatomy of the heart, and endoscopic anatomy of the gastrointestinal tract – as well as a unique overview of human factors and minimizing error in the operating room, essential non-technical skills for improving patient outcomes and safety.
  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices – PLUS a wealth of BONUS content not found in the printed book.
About the author
Edited by Peter A. Brennan, Consultant Maxillofacial/Head and Neck Surgeon, Honorary Professor of Surgery, Maxillofacial Unit, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK, Chairman, Intercollegiate Committee for Basic Surgical Examinations (MRCS and DOHNS); Susan Standring, Emeritus Professor of Anatomy, Department of Anatomy, King's College, London, UK and Sam Wiseman
Table of Contents
1 A short history of surgery
2 Improving surgical performance through human factors recognition and enhanced team working
3 Overview of the head and neck
4 Osteology of the facial skeleton and naso-ethmoidal complex in relation to trauma
5 Face and scalp
6 Orbital anatomy
7 Orbit and eye
8 Nose and paranasal sinuses
9 Infratemporal fossa and pterygopalatine fossa
10 Temporomandibular joint
11 Mouth
12 Salivary glands
13 External and middle ear
14 Temporal bone
15 Neck
16 Pharynx
17 Larynx
18 Thyroid and parathyroid glands
19 Root of the neck and tracheostomy
20 Overview of neuroanatomy
21 Suprasellar and paraclinoidal regions
22 Cerebellopontine angle
23 Foramen magnum and inferior clivus
24 Ventricular system
25 Cerebral hemispheres and white matter tracts
26 Cerebral vasculature
27 Brainstem and pineal region
28 Spinal cord
29 Basal ganglia and thalamus
30 Overview of the back and spine
31 Intervertebral joints, foramina and ligaments
32 Cervical spine
33 Thoracic spine
34 Lumbar spine, sacrum and coccyx
35 Anatomy of lumbar puncture and epidural analgesia
36 Overview of the upper limb
37 Supraclavicular and infraclavicular regions
38 Axilla
39 Shoulder girdle and upper arm
40 Elbow and forearm
41 Wrist and hand
42 Overview of the thorax and diaphragm and surgical anatomy of the chest wall
43 Breast
44 Great vessels: surgical access
45 Oesophagus, thoracic duct and lymphatics
46 Pleura and thoracic sympathetic chain
47 Lungs, bronchi and trachea
48 Thymus
49 Pericardium and pericardial drainage
50 Echocardiographic anatomy of the heart
51 Mitral and tricuspid valves
52 Aortic valve, aortic root, left ventricular outflow tract and pulmonary valve
53 Ventricles, coronary vessels and access to conduits for grafting
54 Overview of the abdomen
55 Anterior abdominal wall and inguinal region
56 Posterior abdominal wall and retroperitoneum
57 Peritoneum, mesentery and peritoneal cavity
58 Abdominal oesophagus and stomach
59 Small intestine
60 Colon, rectum and anus
61 Liver
62 Liver biopsy, resections and a brief overview of transplantation
63 Pancreas, gallbladder and biliary tree
64 Spleen
65 Adrenal glands
66 Development and congenital anomalies of the gastrointestinal tract and its adnexae
67 Endoscopic anatomy of the gastrointestinal tract
68 Overview of pelvic viscera
69 Kidneys and ureters
70 Bladder and urethra
71 Pelvic inlet, pelvic floor and perineum
72 Male reproductive system
73 Prostate
74 Female reproductive system
75 Development and congenital anomalies of the urogenital system
76 Overview of the pelvis and lower limb
77 Vascular anatomy of the lower limb
78 Innervation of the lower limb and nerve blockade techniques
79 Pelvic girdle
80 Hip
81 Thigh
82 Popliteal fossa
83 Knee
84 Compartments of the lower leg
85 Ankle
86 Foot
Book Reviews

"This book is well done and I will recommend it highly to my colleagues. It is well written without being overly wordy and has high quality images and good clinical correlations."

-Abhishek Kashyap, MD (University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics) Doody's Review Score: 94-4 Stars!

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ISBN: 9780702073861
Page Count: 672
Illustrations : Approx. 1370 illustrations (1370 in full color)
Retail Price : £147.99
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