Handbook for Registered Nurses,
Edition 1 Essential Skills
Edited by Major Chris Carter and Joy Notter, PhD, MSc, RN, RHV, HVT, PGCEA

Publication Date: 04 Jul 2023

This handy resource provides a concise overview of some of the key elements of nursing practice, and is designed to create the foundations on which to build clinical competence.

The Handbook covers the rationales and knowledge that underpin activities performed by registered nurses in both the community and hospital. It includes clinical guidelines, an overview of the core components of care and the basics of key procedures.

Written by nurse educators and clinicians to reflect current nursing standards and competence, this book is an ideal reference guide for student nurses, newly qualified nurses and those who teach staff in practice.

Key Features

  • Provides a firm basis for clinical competence
  • Aligned to the Nursing and Midwifery Council Competencies for Nurses
  • Designed to support continuing professional development and education
  • Can be used both for clinical practice and teaching
About the author
Edited by Major Chris Carter, Senior Lecturer,Birmingham City University and Joy Notter, PhD, MSc, RN, RHV, HVT, PGCEA, Professor of Community Health Care Studies Faculty of Health, Education & Life Sciences Birmingham City University
Table of Contents
1 Bedside Clinical Teaching
2 Infection Prevention and Control Principles
3 Patient Assessment
4 Respiratory Assessment
5 Respiratory Support
6 Tracheostomy Care
7 Cardiovascular Assessment
8 Neurological Assessment and Management
9 Pain Assessment and Management
10 Sepsis Care
11 Gastrointestinal Assessment and Management
12 Managing Safe Intravenous Therapy and Blood Transfusions
13 Peri-Operative Care
14 Medicines Management
15 Wound Care
16 Patient Hygiene
17 Elimination
18 Patients With Reduced Mobility
19 Emergency Procedures
20 Adult Blood Tests
Book details
ISBN: 9780702074349
Page Count: 346
Illustrations : Approx. 177 illustrations (177 in full color)
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