Odell's Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry,
Edition 4
Edited by Avijit Banerjee, BDS MSc PhD LDS FDS (Rest Dent) FDS RCS (Eng) FHEA FICD and Selvam Thavaraj, PhD FDSRCS FRCPath

Publication Date: 01 Apr 2020
A step-by-step guide to practical care planning and management of a wide variety of clinical case scenarios encountered in the primary and secondary dental care setting. Covering all the core aspects of oral health care delivery, Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry 4th edition is a great value resource useful to all general dental practitioners and dental therapists, both qualified and in training, undergraduates or postgraduates alike.

Key Features

• Explores care planning and treatment alternatives and evaluates their advantages and disadvantages as well as medico-legal implications

• Integrates material from all the dental disciplines in order to cover an extensive range of clinical problems which will be encountered in daily practice

• A practical approach to learning - includes a large number of real-life clinical cases including those relevant to new techniques and issues such as implantology, use of CAD-CAM, CBCT (cone beam computed tomography)

• Designed to help the reader use the knowledge gained in a clinically useful, practically applied format

• Highly visual guide with more than 350 colour illustrations, artwork and tables presenting clinical, diagnostic and practical information in an easy-to-follow structure

About the author
Edited by Avijit Banerjee, BDS MSc PhD LDS FDS (Rest Dent) FDS RCS (Eng) FHEA FICD, Professor of Cariology & Operative Dentistry/Hon Consultant, Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences, King’s College London, UK. Previous author of Pickard’s Guide to Minimally Invasive Operative Dentistry (9th and 10th eds, OUP), a well-respected global, core UG/PG textbook for dentists and dental therapists (now discontinued due to internal company reasons). A globally respected expert (researcher, lecturer and teacher) in the fields of minimum intervention and Selvam Thavaraj, PhD FDSRCS FRCPath, Lecturer in Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology and Consultant Oral Pathologist, King’s College London Dental Institute at Guy’s, King’s College and St Thomas’ Hospitals, London, UK
Table of Contents

1 A high caries rate/risk patient

2 A multilocular radiolucency

3 An unpleasant surprise

4 Gingival recession

5 Multiple missing anterior teeth and a class III incisor relationship

6 An unsettled patient

7 A dry mouth

8 Painful trismus

9 A deep carious lesion

10 A lump on the gingiva

11 Pain on biting

12 CAD/CAM Fixed Prosthodontics

13 Sudden collapse

14 A difficult young child

15 Pain after extraction

16 A numb lip

17 A loose anterior tooth

18 Oroantral fistula

19 Troublesome mouth ulcers

20 A lump in the neck

21 Trauma causing displacement of an upper central incisor (JB)

22 Hypoglycaemia

23 A tooth lost at teatime

24 A problem with an overdenture

25 Impacted lower third molars

26 A patient presenting with an avulsed central incisor

27 Discoloured anterior teeth

28 A very painful mouth

29 Caution! X-rays

30 Whose fault is it this time?

31 Ouch!

32 A swollen face and pericoronitis

33 First permanent molars

34 A sore mouth

35 A failed bridge

36 Skateboarding accident?

37 An adverse reaction

38 Advanced periodontitis

39 Fractured incisors

40 An anxious patient

41 Blisters in the oral cavity

42 Will you see my son?

43 Bridge design

44 Management of anticoagulation

45 A white patch on the tongue

46 Another white patch on the tongue

47 Molar endodontic treatment

48 An endodontic problem

49 A swollen face

50 Missing upper lateral incisors

51 Anterior crossbite

52 Localised periodontitis?

53 Unexpected findings

54 A gap between the front teeth

55 A lump in the palate

56 Rapid breakdown of 6s / MIH

57 Oral cancer

58 A complicated extraction

59 Difficulty in opening the mouth

60 Erosive Tooth wear

61 Worn front teeth

62 A case of toothache

63 A child with a swollen face

64 A pain in the neck

65 Failed endodontic treatment

66 A pain in the head

67 Aggressive tooth decay

68 Should I repair or replace these restorations – the "5Rs"?

69 Implants: planning and placement

70 Domiciliary visits

71 Handling a patient complaint

72 Loose dentures/resorbed ridge form

73 ‘Invisible braces’

74 A swollen lip

75 Failing implant

Book details
ISBN: 9780702077005
Page Count: 448
Illustrations : Approx. 350 illustrations
Retail Price : £49.99
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