Skills for Practice in Occupational Therapy,
Edition 2
By Edward A. S. Duncan, PhD, BSc(Hons), Dip CBT

Publication Date: 04 Nov 2022

Skills for Practice in Occupational Therapy is an essential companion for all students and newly qualified practitioners working in the complicated field of occupational therapy.

Written by Edward Duncan of the University of Stirling, the book provides a practical and pragmatic guide to becoming a successful practitioner. It covers everything from thinking and judgement to decision making, evidence-based practice and research skills, and leadership and management. It also guides the reader toward effective career advancement, getting their work noticed, and staying up to date in their field.

This book is a companion to Duncan’s Foundations for Practice in Occupational Therapy, and provides the practical applications of the theory covered in that text.

Key Features

  • Completely updated to align with current practice in occupational therapy
  • Chapters structured for easy navigation
  • Practical examples and/or vignettes bring the text to life
  • Highlight boxes demystify concepts for students new to the area
  • Easy to read and engaging throughout
  • Well-referenced, links practice to theory and evidence
  • New content on goal setting, social media and implementation research
About the author
By Edward A. S. Duncan, PhD, BSc(Hons), Dip CBT, Associate Professor in Applied Health Research, Nursing Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Research Unit, The University of Stirling, Scotland, UK and Honorary Advanced Clinical Practitioner, NHS Forth Valley, Scotland, UK Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
SECTION 1 Thinking, Judgement and Decision Skills for Practice
2 Judgement and Decision-Making Skills for Practice
3 Shared Decision-Making Skills in Practice
4 Doing Reflective Practice: Being a Reflective and Resilient Practitioner
SECTION 2 Professional Skills for Practice
5 Assessment Skills for Practice
6 Activity Analysis
7 Goal Setting in Occupational Therapy: A Client-Centred Perspective
8 Therapeutic Use of Self: A Model of the Intentional Relationship
9 Problem Solving
10 Group Skills for Practice in Occupational Therapy
11 Record and Report Writing
SECTION 3 Evidence-Based and Research Skills for Practice
12 Finding and Appraising the Evidence
13 Implementation Science
SECTION 4 Leadership, Supervision and Management Skills for Practice
14 Improvement Science in Practice
15 Developing Research Skills in Practice
16 Presentation and Publication Skills
17 Self-Care and Self-Management
18 Leadership Skills
19 Practice Education—Skills for Students and Educators
20 Clinical Supervision Skills
21 Professional Use of Social Media
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ISBN: 9780702077524
Page Count: 396
Illustrations : 35 illustrations (35 in full color)
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