Ross & Wilson Pathophysiology,
Edition 1
By Allison Grant, BSc PhD RGN and Anne Waugh, MSc CertEd SRN RNT FHEA

Publication Date: 19 Oct 2023

This latest offering from the highly regarded Ross & Wilson stable provides a sound, evidence-based grounding in pathophysiology for anyone studying or working in the allied health professions

It covers normal physiology and the associated pathophysiological processes that lead to disease. The underlying science is clearly explained and linked to clinical situations, relating the changes in normal physiological function directly to onset and progress of disease, providing the exact level of detail you’ll need in your professional practice.

Ross & Wilson's Pathophysiology is clearly written and easy to understand, with beautiful illustrations and enhanced navigation to make learning this important subject a pleasure.

Key Features

  • Clear, engaging and straightforward writing style – suitable for nurses as well as paramedics, physiotherapists, midwives, radiographers and clinical physiologists
  • Comprehensive explanations of the underlying science, linked to clinical scenarios so readers can relate learning to practice
  • Cross-referencing to allow for easy navigation across different sections
  • Draws on the latest evidence and up-to-date research
  • Beautifully illustrated with clear, well-labelled figures, photographs and diagrams
About the author
By Allison Grant, BSc PhD RGN, Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK and Anne Waugh, MSc CertEd SRN RNT FHEA, School of Acute and Continuing care Nursing, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK
Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Pathophysiological Processes
2. Genetics and Disease
3. Neoplasia
4. Disorders of Immunity
5. Disorders of Blood
6. Disorders of Cardiovascular Function
7. Disorders of Respiratory Function
8. Disorders of Neurological Function
9. Disorders of the Special Senses
10. Disorders of Endocrine Function
11. Disorders of Gastrointestinal Function
12. Disorders of Renal Function
13. Disorders of Musculoskeletal Function
14. Disorders of Reproductive Function
15. Skin

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ISBN: 9780702077715
Page Count: 512
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