Clinical Cases in Tropical Medicine,
Edition 2
By Camilla Rothe, MD, DTM&H

Publication Date: 29 Oct 2020

Using an easily accessible, highly templated format, Clinical Cases in Tropical Medicine, 2nd Edition, provides more than 100 realistic scenarios for tropical infectious diseases. Full-color photographs and maps, a convenient question-and-answer presentation, and succinct summary boxes help you identify and understand the tropical diseases you’re likely to encounter. This up-to-date 2nd Edition is an excellent resource and study tool for infectious diseases fellows, doctors preparing for exams in tropical medicine, primary care doctors with patients who are global travelers, and global health nurses and practitioners alike.

Key Features

  • Offers realistic scenarios for encountering patients in rural, resource-poor settings, presenting cases as "unknowns," just as in a real clinic or emergency situation.
  • Covers newly emerging diseases such as Zika virus, severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS), and knowlesi malaria.
  • Features topics in migrant medicine of particular importance to clinicians in non-tropical countries, including louse-borne-relapsing fever, spinal brucellosis, and hyperreactive malarial splenomegaly.
  • Includes "classic" tropical diseases such as African trypanosomiasis, chagas, leprosy, and yaws.
  • Reflects the use of novel diagnostics used in resource-poor settings, as well as developing drug resistance in relevant cases.
  • Serves as a companion to Manson's Tropical Diseases, with a reading list at the end of each case referring to the corresponding chapter in the larger text.

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About the author
By Camilla Rothe, MD, DTM&H, Head of Clinical Tropical Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, LMU University, Munich, Germany
Table of Contents
  1. A 20-Year-Old Woman from Sudan With Fever, Haemorrhage and Shock
  2. A 7-Year-Old Girl from Peru With a Chronic Skin Ulcer
  3. A 26-Year-Old Woman from Malawi with Headache, Confusion and Unilateral Ptosis
  4. A 4-Year-Old Girl from Uganda in a Coma
  5. A 4-Year-Old Boy from Laos With a Lesion of the Lip and Cheek
  6. A 36-Year-Old Male Traveller Returning from Botswana With a Creeping Eruption
  7. A 28-Year-Old Male Fisherman from Malawi With Shortness of Breath
  8. A 26-Year-Old Female Traveller Returning from Ghana With a Boil on the Leg
  9. A 52-Year-Old Man from Vietnam With Evolving Shock
  10. A 55-Year-Old Indigenous Woman from Australia With a Widespread Exfoliating Rash and Sepsis
  11. A 45-Year-Old Male Security Guard from Malawi With Difficulties in Walking and Back Pain
  12. A 29-Year-Old Man from The Gambia With Genital Ulceration
  13. A 16-Year-Old Girl from Malawi With Fever and Abdominal Pain
  14. A 22-Year-Old Woman from Bangladesh With Profuse Watery Diarrhoea
  15. A 3-Year-Old Boy from Laos With Right Suppurative Parotitis
  16. A 25-Year-Old Female School Teacher from Malawi With Abrupt Onset of Fever and Confusion
  17. A 34-Year-Old Man from Thailand With Fever and a Papular Rash
  18. A 56-Year-Old Man Returning from a Trip to Thailand With Eosinophilia
  19. A 40-Year-Old Man from Togo With Subcutaneous Nodules and Corneal Opacities
  20. A 43-Year-Old Male Traveller Returning from Mozambique With Fever and Eosinophilia
  21. A 35-Year-Old American Man With Fatigue and a Neck Lesion
  22. 32-Year-Old Woman from Nigeria With Jaundice and Confusion
  23. A 31-Year-Old HIV-Positive Business Traveller With Cough, Shortness of Breath and Night Sweats
  24. A 14-Year-Old Boy from Rural Tanzania With Difficulty in Walking
  25. A 72-Year-Old Male Farmer from Laos With Extensive Skin Lesions on the Lower Leg
  26. A 14-Year-Old Boy from Malawi Who Has Been Bitten by a Snake
  27. A 16-Year-Old Boy from Sri Lanka With Fever Jaundice and Renal Failure
  28. A 67-Year-Old Female Expatriate Living in Cameroon With Eosinophilia and Pericarditis
  29. A 35-Year-Old Woman from Malawi With Fever and Severe Anaemia
  30. A 12-Year-Old Boy from Rural Kenya With Painful Eyes
  31. A 6-Year-Old Boy from Malawi With Fever, Cough and Impaired Consciousness
  32. A 44-Year-Old Male Farmer from Laos With Diabetes and a Back Abscess
  33. A 53-Year-Old Man from Malawi With a Chronic Cough
  34. A 35-Year-Old Male Farmer from Peru With a Chronic Ulcer and Multiple Nodular Lesions on the Arm
  35. A 32-Year-Old Woman from Malawi With Headache and Blurred Vision
  36. A 23-Year-Old Farmer from Myanmar With Unilateral Scrotal Swelling
  37. A 29-Year-Old Woman from Malawi With Confusion, Diarrhoea and a Skin Rash
  38. A 24-Year-Old Female Globetrotter With Strange Sensations in the Right Side of Her Body
  39. A 30-Year-Old Male Chinese Trader With Fever in Laos
  40. A 62-Year-Old Woman from Ethiopia With Difficulty Eating
  41. A 7-Year-Old Girl from West Africa With Two Skin Ulcers and a Contracture of Her Right Wrist
  42. A 41-Year-Old Male Traveller Returning from Australia With Itchy Eruptions on His Thighs
  43. A 35-Year-Old Malawian Woman With a Painful Ocular Tumour
  44. A 7-Year-Old Girl from South Sudan With Undulating Fever
  45. A 2-Month-Old Girl from Laos With Dyspnoea, Cyanosis and Irritability
  46. A 45-Year-Old Man from Sri Lanka With Fever and Right Hypochondrial Pain
  47. A 32-Year-Old Man from Malawi With a Painfully Swollen Neck
  48. A 31-Year-Old Woman from Tanzania With Acute Flaccid Paraplegia
  49. A 33-Year-Old Male Traveller to India With Diarrhoea and Flatulence for Two Weeks
  50. A 24-Year-Old Man of Turkish Origin With Jaundice and Cystic Liver Lesions
  51. A 34-Year-Old HIV-Positive Woman from Malawi With Slowly Progressive Half-Sided Weakness
  52. A 56-Year-Old Man from Peru With Prolonged Fever and Severe Anaemia
  53. A 24-Year-Old Woman from Uganda With Fever and Shock
  54. A 52-Year-Old Male Safari Tourist Returning from South Africa With Fever and a Skin Lesion
  55. A 40-Year-Old Male Farmer from Peru With Chronic Cough and Weight Loss
  56. A 21-Year-Old Pregnant Woman from The Gambia With a Rash
  57. A 37-Year-Old Woman from Malawi With Haematemesis
  58. A 25-Year-Old Woman from Egypt With Severe Chronic Diarrhoea and Malabsorption
  59. A 24-Year-Old Man from Malawi With Skin Lesions and Breathlessness
  60. A 6-Year-Old Boy from Malawi With Proptosis of the Left Eye
  61. A 48-Year-Old Woman from Thailand With Fever and Disseminated Cutaneous Abscesses
  62. A 28-Year-Old Man from Ghana With a Chronic Ulcer on His Ankle
  63. A 38-Year-Old European Expatriate Living in Malawi With Difficulty Passing Urine
  64. A 40-Year-Old Woman from Thailand and Her Brother-in-Law With Severe Headache
  65. A 4-Year-Old Girl from Bolivia With a Dark Nodule on Her Toe
  66. A 32-Year-Old Man from Malawi With Pain in the Right Upper Abdomen and a Feeling of Faintness
  67. A 24-Year-Old Woman from the Peruvian Andes With Fever and Abdominal Pain
  68. A 31-Year-Old Woman from Malawi With a Generalized Mucocutaneous Rash
  69. A 22-Year-Old Male Farmer from Rural Ethiopia With Difficulty Walking
  70. A 58-Year-Old Woman from Sri Lanka With Fever, Deafness and Confusion
  71. A 71-Year-Old Man from Japan With Eosinophilia and a Nodular Lesion in the Lung
  72. A 4-Year-Old Boy from Mozambique With Severe Oedema and Skin Lesions
  73. A 21-Year-Old Male Migrant from Rural Mali With Massive Splenomegaly
  74. A 28-Year-Old Woman from Sierra Leone With Fever and Conjunctivitis
  75. A 25-Year-Old Woman from Zambia With a New-Onset Seizure
  76. A 55-Year Old Woman from Turkey With Fever of Unknown Origin
  77. A 51-Year-Old Female Traveller Returning from Central America With Conjunctivitis, Rash and Peripheral Oedema
  78. A 42-Year-Old British Man Living in Malawi With Anaphylactic Shock
  79. A 34-Year-Old Male Immigrant from Peru With Chronic Diarrhoea and Severe Weight Loss
  80. A 62-Year-Old Man from Thailand With a Liver Mass
  81. A 33-Year-Old Refugee from Afghanistan With Recurrent Fever and Back Pain
  82. A 31-Year-Old Man from Guatemala With Acute Weakness and Numbness of the Leg
  83. An 18-Year-Old Man from India With a Pale Patch on His Right Upper Limb
  84. A 64-Year-Old Japanese Man With Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizures
  85. A 55-Year-Old Female Pig Farmer from Vietnam With Fever and Impaired Consciousness
  86. A 14-Year-Old Girl in the Solomon Islands With a Non-Healing Leg Ulcer
  87. A 27-Year-Old Male Traveller Returning from the Peruvian Amazon With Persisting Polyarthralgias
  88. A 74-Year-Old Man from Japan With Fever, Nausea and Drowsiness
  89. A 30-Year-Old Woman from Bolivia With Exertional Dyspnoea
  90. A 55-Year-Old Couple Both Returning from Chile and Argentina With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  91. A 20-Year-Old Male from India With Fever and Quadriparesis
  92. A 42-Year-Old Traveller Returning from Thailand With Fever and Thrombocytopenia
  93. A 35-Year-Old Male Logger from Peru With Fever, Jaundice and Bleeding
  94. A 20-Year-Old Woman from the Democratic Republic of the Congo With Fever and a Vesiculopustular Skin Rash
  95. A 42-Year-Old Male Refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo With Progressive Depression
  96. A 19-Year-Old Boy from India With Drooping, Diplopia and Dysphagia
  97. An 87-Year-Old Japanese Man With a Serpiginous Erythema on the Right Thigh
  98. A 17-Year-Old Boy from South India With a Fever and a Reduced Level of Consciousness
  99. A 43-Year-Old Male Traveller Returning from the Australian Outback with Fever, Joint Pains and a Rash
  100. A 25-Year-Old Man from Ethiopia With a Nodular Rash
  101. A 46-Year-Old Male Traveller with Chronic Cough After a Trip to South America
  102. A 16-Year-Old Male Refugee from Somalia With High Fever and Slurred Speech
  103. A 43-Year-Old Man from Peru With a Chronic Fistulating Foot Lesion
Book Reviews

"This book teaches us to be skilled but pragmatic clinicians, diagnose and treat common and rare conditions. It shows us how to take a simple history and a focussed examination, make efficient use of simple diagnostics tests and investigations which are available in settings with limited resources at your disposition. It covers the investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of common conditions as well as the more complex, rare infectious diseases. Most of all, it teaches us to be empathic, and caring practitioners. It will remind you why you entered the caring profession in the first place."

-Conor Maguire (National Immunisation Advisory Committee, Ireland)

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