Nunn and Lumb's Applied Respiratory Physiology,
Edition 9
By Andrew B. Lumb, MB, BS, FRCA and Caroline R Thomas

Publication Date: 31 Jul 2020

Nunn’s Applied Respiratory Physiology, Ninth Edition, is your concise, one-stop guide to all aspects of respiratory physiology in health, disease, and in the many physiologically challenging situations and environments into which humans take themselves – coverage is from basic science to clinical applications.

Trusted for over 50 years, this most comprehensive single volume on respiratory physiology will prove invaluable to those in training or preparing for examinations in anaesthesia, intensive care, respiratory medicine or thoracic surgery – as well as an essential quick reference for physiologists and the range of practitioners requiring ready access to current knowledge in this field.

Now fully revised and updated, this ninth edition includes a larger page format for improved clarity, as well as full access to the complete, downloadable eBook version. This incorporates BONUS chapters, handy topic summaries, interactive self-assessment material and a NEW series of expert lectures on key topics. The result is a more flexible, engaging and complete resource than ever before.

Enhancements to this edition include:

  • A new dedicated chapter on obesity – covering the effects of this global challenge on the physiology of the respiratory system in health and disease, in both adults and children
  • Expanded coverage of the adverse effects of hyperoxia - including the physiology of the now popular technique of high-flow nasal therapy
  • A revised section on air pollution – reflecting the growing importance and understanding of the impact of pollution on the lungs and other body systems, along with the latest worldwide guidelines
  • Detailed coverage of artificial ventilation during general anaesthesia – covering post-operative respiratory complications and the physiological basis of current best-practice for optimizing ventilation
  • Print comes with enhanced eBook - includes access to the complete, fully searchable text, PLUS:

    • bonus chapters
    • handy chapter summaries
    • interactive self-assessment material
    • a NEW series of 25 expert lectures focusing on the most essential topics in respiratory physiology
About the author
By Andrew B. Lumb, MB, BS, FRCA, Consultant Anaesthetist, St James' University Hospital; Honorary Clinical Associate Professor in Anaesthesia, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK. and Caroline R Thomas
Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Peter Slinger, vi Preface, vii

Part 1: Basic Principles

1. Functional Anatomy of the Respiratory Tract, 2
2. Elastic Forces and Lung Volumes, 14
3. Respiratory System Resistance, 27
4. Control of Breathing, 42
5. Pulmonary Ventilation, 59
6. The Pulmonary Circulation, 73
7. Distribution of Pulmonary Ventilation and Perfusion, 88
8. Diffusion of Respiratory Gases, 111
9. Carbon Dioxide, 122
10. Oxygen, 136
11. Nonrespiratory Functions of the Lung, 164

Part 2: Applied Physiology

12. Pregnancy, Neonates and Children, 175
13. Exercise, 183
14. Sleep, 191
15. Obesity, 199
16. High Altitude and Flying, 205
17. High Pressure and Diving, 218
18. Respiration in Closed Environments and Space, 225
19. Drowning, 233
20. Smoking and Air Pollution, 236
21. Anaesthesia, 244
22. Changes in the Carbon Dioxide Partial Pressure, 268
23. Hypoxia, 273
24. Anaemia, 279
25. Oxygen Toxicity and Hyperoxia, 285
26. Comparative Respiratory Physiology, 299

Part 3: Physiology of Pulmonary Disease

27. Ventilatory Failure, 316
28. Airways Disease, 324
29. Pulmonary Vascular Disease, 339
30. Diseases of the Lung Parenchyma and Pleura, 349
31. Acute Lung Injury, 365
32. Respiratory Support and Artificial Ventilation, 375
33. Pulmonary Surgery, 398

Appendix A Physical Quantities and Units of Measurement, 412
Appendix B The Gas Laws, 415
Appendix C Conversion Factors for Gas Volumes, 417
Appendix D Symbols and Abbreviations, 418
Appendix E Mathematical Functions Relevant to Respiratory Physiology, 419

Online Content

34. The Atmosphere
35. The History of Respiratory Physiology

Test your Knowledge
Access via Expert Consult – see inside front cover for instructions.

Index, 42



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Illustrations : Approx. 257 illustrations (222 in full color)
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Postgraduate doctors specializing in anaesthesia, intensive care medicine, thoracic surgery and respiratory medicine. This includes both trained doctors (UK consultants, US attendings etc.) and those in training/exam candidates.
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