Pharmacology and Medicines Management for Nurses and Allied Healthcare Professionals,
Edition 5
Edited by Rachna Bedi, Jaimisha Patel and Jyotika Singh

Publication Date: 01 Oct 2030
Awaiting publication

Key Features

    • Comprehensive approach
    • Basic structure and tripartite division, with emphasis on clinical pharmacology
    • Simplifying approach to appeal to all groups

New Features

  • Content receives a major update throughout
  • All-new full colour design
  • 30 new colour artworks and new illustrations in section 3 to make for a more accessible reader experience
  • Improved navigability including more detailed contents listings
  • New section on the role of others in the ‘drug journey’ (i.e. drug sourcing, supply and distribution, drug prescribing and administration)
  • A new section on how to navigate through the BNF
  • Major expansion of the section on diabetes, new subsections on infection and sepsis.
  • Summary/tip/variation boxes.
  • New chapter on the role of non-medical prescriber – including of case studies on the legal responsibility that sits with the prescriber / administrator etc.
About the author
Edited by Rachna Bedi; Jaimisha Patel and Jyotika Singh
Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Medicines in Society today & tomorrow

Chapter 2: Control of Medicine in hospital & community

Chapter 3: Role of the Nurse in Drug Therapy

Chapter 4: Administration of Medicines

Chapter 5: Nurse Prescribing

Chapter 6: Clinical Governance & Safety in the Use of medicines

Chapter 7: The role of patients and carers in medicines management


Chapter 8: Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics

Chapter 9: Autonomic Nervous System

Chapter 10: Adverse Drug Events and Drug Interactions


Chapter 11: Drug treatment of Gastrointestinal disorders

Chapter 12: Drug treatment of cardiovascular disorders

Chapter 13: Drug treatment of respiratory disorders

Chapter 14: Drugs acting on nervous system

Chapter 15: Drug treatment of Infections

Chapter 16: Drug treatment of Endocrine disorders

Chapter 17: Drugs used in obstetrics gynae and UTI

Chapter 18: Drugs used in Kidney Disease

Chapter 19: Nutrition and Blood, Fluid and electrolytes

Chapter 20: Drugs treatment of malignant disease

Chapter 21: Drugs affecting immune response

Chapter 22: Drug treatment of musculosketal + joint disease

Chapter 23: Eye

Chapter 24: ENT

Chapter 25: Skin

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ISBN: 9780702079894
Page Count: 664
Retail Price : £39.99

Page Nursing Essentials: Drugs (translation from the German) 1st UK edition publishes 2019.

Page Trounce’s Clinical Pharmacology for Nurses 19E publishes October 2019.

Richards Nurses Survival Guide to Drugs in Practice 2e publishes 2020.


Nurses and trainee nurses from pre-registration to those undertaking a non-medical prescribing qualification.

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