Clinical Skills,
Edition 1 A Nurse's Pocket Guide
By Robin Schwarz, MSc RN

Publication Date: 01 Dec 2021

Clinical Skills: A Nurse’s Pocket Guide is a new easy reference intended to be carried by nurses into the clinical environment for quick access during their practice.

This helpful resource provides quick references for a range of core as well as more complex clinical skills, including neurological assessment, ECG recording, chest auscultation, resuscitation guidelines, recognition and management of sepsis, and pain relief. It also considers fluid and electrolyte balance, wound care and key aspects of nutrition.

Written by experienced nurse practitioner Rob Schwarz, the easy to navigate text closes the gap between theory and practice, supporting nurses to build understanding and acquire new skills. It will be a much-used resource by training and qualified nurses alike.

Key Features

  • Covers NMC Standards of proficiency for registered nurses, keeping nurses’ skills up to date
  • Includes a broad range of skills, from core competencies to those associated with advanced practice, making it suitable for all nurses
  • Tailored to the modern nursing environment, with key information such as interpretation of ECG, understanding arterial blood gases, chest auscultation and the most up to date resuscitation guidelines
  • Includes cultural considerations for better practice
  • Easy to read and navigate – ideal for use at the bedside
  • More than 40 illustrations help clarify complex concepts and procedures
About the author
By Robin Schwarz, MSc RN
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ISBN: 9780702080296
Page Count: 138
Illustrations : 20 illustrations (20 in full color)
Retail Price : £12.99