Working With Serious Mental Illness,
Edition 3 A Manual for Clinical Practice
By Catherine Gamble, BA(Hons), RGN, RMN, RNT and Geoff Brennan, BSc(Hons), RNMH, RMN

Publication Date: 07 Feb 2023

When working in the field of mental illness, the best evidence is people’s lived experience. The third edition of Working with Serious Mental Illness maintains its focus on research data, but this is framed by patients’ personal perspectives to provide clear, practical advice for practitioners.

Aimed at nurses and healthcare practitioners working with mental illnesses such as severe depression, bi-polar disorder and psychosis, this book provides solutions for engaging and working with patients and their families. It vividly presents lived experience and the recommendations of patients, then proceeds through developing and implementing effective interventions and how to reflect on patient relationships to ensure sustained success.

Easy to read and packed full of practical tips and strategies, this is the ideal book for all healthcare practitioners working with patients with serious mental illness, their families and their carers. It will also be valuable reading for staff working in acute and community mental care settings who lack specialist training in serious mental health disorders, for nursing students, mental health nurses and general nurses working in mental health, primary care and community settings.

Key Features

  • Focuses on the lived experiences, observations and recommendations for practitioners of people who use mental health services
  • Combines theory and practice in a skills and intervention-based approach
  • Presents down-to-earth intervention ideas designed for practitioners working at the front line
  • Practical advice is provided in a user-friendly, clearly accessible way
  • Contributions from experts and editors who are leaders in their field

New Features

  • All content fully revised and updated to reflect changes in mental health service provision
  • New chapters on Parity of Esteem, Working with the Principles of Trauma Informed Care and Looking After Ourselves
  • All-new colour design and format
About the author
By Catherine Gamble, BA(Hons), RGN, RMN, RNT, Consultant Nurse, South West London and St George's Mental Health Care Trust, London, UK and Geoff Brennan, BSc(Hons), RNMH, RMN, Research Fellow, City University, London, UK
Table of Contents
SECTION 1 Promoting Understanding
1 The User’s Voice: What We Need to Hear
2 Social Participation
3 Stress Vulnerability Model of Serious Mental Illness
4 Working With the Principles of Trauma-Informed Care
5 Where Does PSI Fit With Recovery?
SECTION 2 Engaging, Assessing, and Agreeing Care
6 Building Relationships
7 Assessment in Practice: Diagnosis
8 Consolidating the Assessment Process
9 Parity of Esteem
SECTION 3 Working With the Person
10 Modern Risk Management
11 Dealing With Voices and Strange Thoughts
12 Assisting the Person With Motivation
13 Assisting Families and Informal Carers
14 Assisting the Person With Drug and Alcohol Issues
15 Working With Anger in the Context of Serious Mental Illness
16 Working With Complex Cases
17 Assisting the Person With Medication
18 Recovery: Assisting the Person to Stay Well
SECTION 4 Considerations for Effective Practice
19 Understanding the Cultural Context
20 Looking After Ourselves: Wellbeing, Resilience, and Self-help Strategies
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ISBN: 9780702080333
Page Count: 296
Illustrations : 35 illustrations
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