Clinical Cases in Internal Medicine,
Edition 1
By Samy A. Azer, MB, BCh, MSc Medicine, PhD (Syd), MEd (NSW), FACG, MPH (NSW)

Publication Date: 31 Dec 2021

The book of 50 clinical cases covers a large part of the internal medicine curriculum. It fills the gap between theoretical knowledge and clinical practice and allows students to practice their clinical diagnostic skills and the development of management plans. Each of the cases is discussed using logical and scientific approaches and provides model answers to questions. Take-home messages throughout outline key points for examination revision. The book will stimulate self-directed learning and a deeper understanding of internal medicine. Readers will be able to test their understanding and the ability to answer short answer questions and multiple-choice questions.

Key Features

  • More than 50 clinical cases, covering the core undergraduate medicine curriculum
  • Case discussions using a logical and scientific approach to help students achieve their own diagnoses
  • Model answers for comparison, to improve learning outcomes
  • Summary of fundamental points for examination revision
  • Useful up-to-date resources
  • Short-answer and multiple-choice questions to test knowledge
  • Diagrams and tables to deepen understanding and consolidate essential concepts
  • Includes an Enhanced eBook version with purchase. The enhanced eBook allows the end user to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices
About the author
By Samy A. Azer, MB, BCh, MSc Medicine, PhD (Syd), MEd (NSW), FACG, MPH (NSW), Professor of Medical Education, College of Medicine, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Table of Contents

Section 1. Gastroenterology and Hepatobiliary Systems

Case 1.1 “I have tummy pain…¿
Case 1.2 “I am loosing weight…¿ 
Case 1.3 “Not regular…¿
Case 1.4 “As dark as coffee ground…¿
Case 1.5 “There is blood in my stool…¿
Case 1.6 “It is itching allover…¿
Case 1.7 “Not feeling well..¿
Case 1.8 “I have the runs…¿
Case 1.9 “Nothing is working for me..¿

Section 2. Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

Case 2.1 “Short of breath…¿
Case 2.2 “Still coughing…¿
Case 2.3 “I was admitted in hospital…¿
Case 2.4 “I have been smoking for over 20 years..¿ 
Case 2.5 “Nearly fainted in the bathroom…¿
Case 2.6 “Like a stone on my chest…¿
Case 2.7 “Not feeling well…¿
Case 2.8 “In the backyard…¿
Case 2.9 “While at the university campus...¿
Case 2.10 “I am coughing up blood…¿

Section 3. Nervous System

Case 3.1 “Tremor in hands…¿
Case 3.2 “Not moving…¿
Case 3.3 “Is it because of my back pain?¿
Case 3.4 “I have severe headache…¿
Case 3.5 “Because of double vision…¿
Case 3.6 “In the intensive care…¿
Case 3.7 “Things are spinning around me..¿
Case 3.8 “My feet are painfully hot¿

Section 4. Rheumatology and Immune System

Case 4.1 “Stiff in the morning…¿
Case 4.2 “Progressive pain in my knees…¿
Case 4.3 “After my fall…¿
Case 4.4 “Is it series…¿
Case 4.5 “I have pain in my heels¿
Case 4.6 “Red and tender…¿
Case 4.7 “I was nearly dead…¿

Section 5. Endocrine System

Case 5.1 “the trouble with my vision…¿
Case 5.2 “I feel too hot…¿
Case 5.3 “Did not work …¿
Case 5.4 “Tried hard to lose weight…¿
Case 5.5 “They rushed me to the emergency room..¿
Case 5.6 “Too tired..¿

Section 6. Haematology Ststem

Case 6.1 “Looking pale…¿
Case 6.2 “After returning from a holiday in Europe…¿
Case 6.3 “Bleeding gums…¿
Case 6.4 “Unexpected outcomes…¿
Case 6.5 “Before travelling to Congo in Africa…¿
Case 6.6 “Sweating and chills¿

Section 7. Renal System

Case 7.1 “After a severe attack of diarrhoea¿
Case 7.2 “…fluid build up in my body¿
Case 7.3 “I only feel tired…¿
Case 7.4 “burning pain on passing urine…¿

Index of cases

1. Peptic ulcer
2. Malabsorption, coeliac disease
3. Colon cancer
4. Cirrhosis and portal hypertension
5. Inflammatory bowel disease
6. Hepatitis
7. Acute pancreatitis
8. Acute diarrhoea
9. Irritable bowl syndrome
10. Bronchial asthma
11. Pulmonary tuberculosis
12. Pneumonia
13. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
14. Pulmonary embolism
15. Myocardial infarction and atherosclerosis
16. Congestive heart failure and mitral stenosis
17. Aortic stenosis and syncope
18. Heart block and syncope
19. Lung cancer
20. Parkinson’s disease
21. Stroke
22. Disc prolapse
23. Meningitis
24. Myasthenia gravis
25. Heat stroke
26. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
27. Diabetic polyneuropathy
28. Rheumatoid arthritis
29. Osteoarthritis
30. Osteoporosis
31. Systemic lupus erythematosus
32. Reactive arthritis
33. Gout
34. Anaphylaxis
35. Acromegaly
36. Hyperthyroidism
37. Adrenal tumour
38. Metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus type 2
39. Diabetes mellitus, type 1
40. Addison’s disease
41. Iron deficiency anaemia
42. Multiple myeloma
43. Immune thrombocytopenic purpura
44. Chronic myeloid leukaemia.
45. Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency-Haemolysis
46. Fever- Malaria
47. Acute renal failure
48. Nephrotic syndrome
49. Chronic renal failure
50. Urinary tract infection

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