Introduction to Dental Materials,
Edition 5
By Richard van Noort, BSc, DPhil, DSc and Michele E. Barbour, MPhys, PhD, PGCHE

Publication Date: 01 Nov 2023

Introduction to Dental Materials discusses and explains the science of clinical and laboratory dental materials. It will help you understand the properties, limitations and safe usage of different materials, and how to navigate this rapidly changing field to choose the most appropriate materials for your patients.

Written in an engaging and accessible way, and featuring updated images and photographs as well as "clinical relevance" highlights, this book is perfectly tailored to the needs of the busy student of dentistry or dental therapy.

Key Features

  • Written for the benefit of the developing clinician, not the materials scientist perfect for busy students
  • Covers essential facts relating to chemical bonding, metals, ceramics and polymers
  • Explains the terminology used in the description of material behaviour
  • Explores the use of clinical dental materials including the traditional and contemporary materials and associated techniques
  • Covers issues relating to pulpal protection and endodontic materials
  • Describes the use of laboratory and related dental materials to enable better communication with the laboratory team
  • Updated to include dedicated sections on digital dentistry and digital workflows in particular in relation to crown and bridge
  • Revised structure adopted to demystify contemporary ceramics

New Features

  • Fully updated content
  • Covers modern restorative materials, the extensive uses of 3D printing and CAD-CAM in dentistry
  • Covers modern direct and indirect adhesive systems
  • Provides the evidence base in relation to the decline in use of dental amalgam
  • An enhanced eBook version is included with your purchase. The eBook allows you to access all the text, figures, and references, with the ability to search, customise your content, make notes and highlights, and have content read aloud.
About the author
By Richard van Noort, BSc, DPhil, DSc, Richard van Noort, BSc, DPhil, DSc, Emeritus Professor of Dental Materials Science, University of Sheffield, UK and Michele E. Barbour, MPhys, PhD, PGCHE, Professor of Biomaterials, University of Bristol, UK
Table of Contents
SECTION 1: Basic Science for Dental Materials
1.1 Biomaterials, Safety and Biocompatibility
1.2 Atomic Building Blocks
1.3 Structure of Ceramics
1.4 Structure of Metals and Alloys
1.5 Structure of Polymers
1.6 Mechanical Properties
1.7 Physical Properties
1.8 Chemical Properties
1.9 Principles of Adhesion
SECTION 2: Clinical Dental Materials
2.1 Dental Amalgam
2.2 Resin-Based Composites
2.3 Glass Ionomer Cements
2.4 Cavity Lining and Base Materials
2.5 Enamel and Dentine Bonding
2.6 Endodontic Materials
2.7 Impression Materials
SECTION 3: Laboratory and Related Dental Materials
3.1 Models, Dies, and Refractories: Traditional and CAD/CAM Techniques and Materials
3.2 Denture Base Resins
3.3 Alloys for Metallic Restorations
3.4 Traditional Dental Ceramics
3.5 Contemporary Dental Ceramics
3.6 Cementation of Indirect Restorations
3.7 Stainless Steel and Other Alloys
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ISBN: 9780702081088
Page Count: 288
Illustrations : Approx. 230 illustrations (230 in full color)
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