Accident & Emergency,
Edition 4 Theory into Practice
Edited by Brian Dolan, OBE, FFNMRCSI, FRSA, MSc (Oxon), MSc (Nurs), RMN, RGN and Lynda Holt, MA, RGN, EN(G), DipHS

Publication Date: 01 Apr 2025
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About the author
Edited by Brian Dolan, OBE, FFNMRCSI, FRSA, MSc (Oxon), MSc (Nurs), RMN, RGN, Director, Health Service 360; Honorary Professor, Leadership in Healthcare, Salford University, Manchester; Honorary President, AGILE - the Professional Network for Physiotherapists working with Older People; Honorary Adjunct Professor of Innovation in Healthcare, Bond University, SE Queensland; Professor, Coventry University; Lynda Holt, MA, RGN, EN(G), DipHS, Managing Director, Dolan & Holt Consultancy Ltd, UK and Formerly Chair, Royal College of Nursing Accident and Emergency Nursing Association, UK
Table of Contents
1. Pre-hospital care
Mark Jones and Cormac Norton
2. Trauma Life Support
Cormac Norton
3. Major Incidents
Richard James Smith
4. Transportation of the critically ill and injured
Jenni Ward
5. Traumatic brain injury
Siobhan Mc Lernon
6. Skeletal Injuries
Suzanne Owens
7. Spinal Injuries
Mike Paynter
8. Thoracic Injuries
Richard James Smith
9. Abdominal Injuries
David Johnson and Paul Negus
10. Maxillo facial injuries
Jenni Ward
11. Burns
Leona Robertson
12. Violence and Aggression
Sandy Richardson and Petra Brysiewicz
13. Stress and Stress Management
Heather Jean Josland
14. Care of Bereaved People
Brian Dolan
15. Mental Health Emergencies
Caroline Delaforce and Brian Dolan
16. Infants
Sammy-Jo O'Connor and Amy Louisa Lamb
17. The Pre-School Child
Amy Louisa Lamb
18. Age 5 - puberty
Sammy-Jo O'Connor and Amy Louisa Lamb
19. Adolescents
Maxine Wood
20. Young Adults
Jenni Ward
21. Middle Years
Brian Boag
22. Older people
Brian Dolan
23. Physiology
David Corkill and Lynda Holt
24. Wound Care
25. Pain and pain management
Sandra Richardson
26. Local and Regional Anaesthesia
Morag Elizabeth Lawson
27. Cardiac Emergencies
sara morgan
28. Medical Emergencies
Barry McCarthy and Zane Lay
29. Surgical Emergencies
Mike Jeffrey Parker
30. Gynaecological and Obstetric Emergencies
Katherine Gee and Suzanne Owens
31. Ophthalmic Emergencies
Liz Mathison
32. ENT Emergencies
Tina Roche
33. People with Learning Disabilities
Stacey Rees
34. Health Promotion
Martin Rowland
35. Triage
Paula Caroline Grainger
36. Leadership
Lynda Holt
37. Clinical Decision-Making
Emma Tippins
38. Ethical Issues
karen Lesley Sanders
39. Law
Pádraig Ó Lúanaigh
40. Health & Safety
Kim Sunley
41. Power and culture
Sandra Richardson and Tracey Williams
42. Creating patient flow
Richard Anthony Hamilton, Michael W. Ardagh and Brian Dolan
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