Musculoskeletal Ultrasound,
Edition 1 How, Why and When
By Lorelei Waring, DCR (R), PgC AP, MSc Medical Ultrasound, FHEA, Alison Hall, DCR (R), MSc Medical Ultrasound and Sara Riley, DCR (R), DMU, MHSc Medical Ultrasound

Publication Date: 26 Nov 2021

As ultrasound is used more widely by a range of healthcare professionals as a successful imaging tool for musculoskeletal conditions, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound demystifies the technique for students and practitioners who do not necessarily have specialised knowledge in this area.

The text is written at a level suitable for both students and more experienced practitioners, and has been edited by experienced sonographers working in consultant practice and education. It covers basic ultrasound anatomy and normal variants, common pathology, how to report, and differential diagnoses processes.

With contributions from leading musculoskeletal sonographers and a physiotherapist, and with input from radiology and rheumatology, this book provides a rounded, evidence-based resource for anyone wishing to incorporate musculoskeletal ultrasound into their practice.

Key Features

  • Accessible, step-by-step approach to support understanding
  • Highly illustrated, ultrasound images included throughout
  • Tips to help the reader problem solve and avoid common pitfalls
About the author
By Lorelei Waring, DCR (R), PgC AP, MSc Medical Ultrasound, FHEA, Senior Lecturer Department of Medical Sciences, Institute of Health University of Cumbria, Lancaster United Kingdom; Alison Hall, DCR (R), MSc Medical Ultrasound, Consultant Sonographer School of Primary, Community and Social Care Keele University, Keele United Kingdom and Sara Riley, DCR (R), DMU, MHSc Medical Ultrasound, Consultant Sonographer Leeds Radiology Academy Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds United Kingdom
Table of Contents

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1. Introduction

Lorelei waring, Alison hall, Sara Riley

  • • This section will provide a background to MSK ultrasound and where this modality fits in the healthcare spectrum

2. Physical principles of ultrasound

Heather Venables

  • • As this book will be utilised by a range of healthcare professional it is important to include a section of the physical principles of ultrasound to support new learners in the field. This section will detail the important physical principles, how ultrasound interacts with different tissues and how an ultrasound image is produced. Artefacts associated with the MSK field and the principles of Doppler will also be included

3. Ultrasound of the shoulder

Lorelei Waring

  • • Technique
  • • Normal appearances
  • • Pathological conditions
  • • Clinical relevance

4. Ultrasound of the elbow, Wrist and Hand


  • • Technique
  • • Normal appearances
  • • Pathological conditions
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