Abdominal Ultrasound,
Edition 4 How, Why and When
Edited by Nicola Davidson

Publication Date: 08 Jul 2022

Abdominal Ultrasound has become the core text in the UK for trainee sonographers learning to scan the abdominal area. Now fully updated to reflect the latest evidence and technology, the fourth edition provides a solid foundation to abdominal ultrasound for practitioners of all levels.

This highly illustrated book covers everything from basic principles through to discussion of complex features and ultrasound findings for a large range of conditions. It includes basic related anatomy, technique and ultrasound appearances together with the most common pathologies.

This edition has been written and edited by a collaborative team of influential sonographers, consultant sonographers and consultant radiologists, and continues to provide clear explanations along with excellent use of images that make learning easy for all those who use ultrasound as part of their healthcare role.

Key Features

  • Heavily illustrated with images to support interpretation of scans
  • Clear structure and easy to read
  • Step-by-step approach suits needs of different healthcare professionals using ultrasound
  • Tip boxes to provide support in difficult cases
  • Written at a level suitable for both trainees and qualified practitioners

New Features

  • Updated images reflecting advances in technology
  • New information on ultrasound of the male pelvis, including testes
  • Completely revised paediatric ultrasound chapter including new images
  • Expanded and updated sections on endoscopic ultrasound for pancreatic assessment, FAST (focused assessment of sonography in trauma) and gastrointestinal imaging to include bowel scanning technique
  • Reformatted liver and biliary tree chapters
About the author
Edited by Nicola Davidson
Table of Contents
1 Optimizing the Diagnostic Information
2 Ultrasound of the Liver
3 Ultrasound of the Gallbladder and Biliary Tree
4 Ultrasound of the Pancreas
5 Ultrasound of the Spleen and Lymphatic System
6 Ultrasound of the Renal Tract
7 Ultrasound of the Testes and Male Pelvis
8 Ultrasound of the Retroperitoneum and Gastrointestinal Tract
9 Ultrasound of the Pediatric Abdomen
10 Ultrasound of the Acute Abdomen
11 Interventional Techniques
Book details
ISBN: 9780702082436
Page Count: 368
Illustrations : Approx. 740 illustrations (155 in full color)
Retail Price : £51.99
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