Chaitow's Muscle Energy Techniques,
Edition 5
Edited by Sasha Chaitow, PhD and Sandy Fritz, MS, BCTMB, CMBE

Publication Date: 26 Jun 2023

The fifth edition of this well-loved manual for understanding and using Muscle Energy Techniques (METs) presents clear guidelines for their applications, resting on the newest scientific research and embedded in the framework of whole-person health care. It provides a comprehensive, evidence-based how-to guide for applying MET in the treatment of some forms of musculoskeletal dysfunction, to alleviate pain, and support functional movement.

Packed with colour illustrations and complemented by more than 50 instructional videos featuring Leon Chaitow demonstrating the techniques described, Muscle Energy Techniques 5e guides the reader through both theory and practice, with an emphasis on evidence-informed clinical reasoning and application. This fifth edition reconvenes the international team of expert contributors originally selected by Leon Chaitow to present the role of METs in a range of clinical settings and scenarios. These include the use of METs for treating a wide range of acute and chronic pain conditions, prevention and management of trauma and injuries in athletes, and their successful incorporation into physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathic, massage therapy, and rehabilitation environments.

New Features

  • New chapters and sections embed the use of METs in the biopsychosocial framework for whole-person healthcare based on the latest guidelines. Includes case studies and guidance for clinical practice.
  • Entirely new research review chapter presents the latest research findings underpinning MET methodology and develops considerations regarding evidence-informed practice with attention to current debates.
  • Updated chapter on the history of MET explains the impact of historical context on clinical practice.
  • Increased emphasis on pulsed MET and updated research on the role of isotonic eccentric stretching and isometric eccentric contractions in rehabilitation, strengthening, and restoring functionality.
  • Developed section and references to fascia research and its implications for MET.
  • Updates in all chapters prioritizing whole-person healthcare.
  • Fully updated references throughout with close cross-referencing between chapters and awareness of international context and research developments.

This book is ideal for all professionals with an interest in manual and movement therapy, including osteopaths, physiotherapists, exercise scientists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, manual therapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers.

About the author
Edited by Sasha Chaitow, PhD and Sandy Fritz, MS, BCTMB, CMBE, Founder, Owner, Director, and Head Instructor, Health Enrichment Center, School of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Lapeer, Michigan
Table of Contents

1 Evidence-Informed Muscle Energy Techniques in the Biopsychosocial Framework
2 Muscle Energy Techniques
3 The History and Context of Muscle Energy Technique
4 MET: Efficacy and Research
5 How to Use MET
6 Sequential Assessment and MET Treatment of Main Postural Muscles
7 MET and the Treatment of Joints
8 Muscle Energy Techniques in Complex or Challenging Spinal Cases
9 Manual Resistance Techniques in Rehabilitation
10 MET in Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
11 MET in the Physical Therapy Setting
12 MET in a Massage Therapy Setting
13 MET in Treatment of Athletic Injuries
14 Integrated Neuromuscular Inhibition Technique (INIT) and Myofascial Pain

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Page Count: 400
Illustrations : Approx. 182 illustrations (182 in full color)
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