A Practical Approach to Interdisciplinary Complex Rehabilitation,
Edition 1
Edited by Cara Pelser, Helen Banks and Ganesh Bavikatte

Publication Date: 16 Feb 2022

An interdisciplinary team (IDT) approach is most effective in complex physical rehabilitation, but implementing a successful IDT can be challenging. This new book will help readers to understand more about the variety of professions that contribute to successful IDT working and how team members collaborate for the benefit of the rehabilitation patient and their personalised goals.

This is a comprehensive, practical, evidence-based guide to complex rehabilitation from an IDT perspective, exploring the dynamic and diverse roles and challenges of the team. The fifteen chapters are written by clinicians who are highly experienced across a range of disciplines and settings, from early acute rehabilitation to community rehabilitation.

A Practical Approach to Interdisciplinary Complex Rehabilitation will be an invaluable resource for all members of the team, including medical, nursing, dietetics, neuropsychiatry, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, rehabilitation coordination, speech and language therapy, and vocational rehabilitation therapy.

Key Features

  • Covers a wide range of different complex rehabilitation settings and clinical conditions
  • Reflective questions in each chapter to inform practice within an IDT
  • User-friendly and easy to read
  • Case studies explore how a successful IDT works in practice
About the author
Edited by Cara Pelser; Helen Banks and Ganesh Bavikatte
Table of Contents
Complex rehabilitation in an interdisciplinary team context 
Jo Haworth and Helen O’Leary
Medical management in rehabilitation 
Helen Banks and Ganesh Bavikatte
The role, impact, and re?ections of the rehabilitation nurse 
Nicola Hill
Prolonged disorders of consciousness
Mary Ankers
24-hour approach to physical management 
Emily Wilson-Meredith and Emily Low
Adjusting to life after illness or injury 
Cara Pelser
Mental health in complex rehabilitation 
Antonio Swaraj DaCosta and Jon Alan Smith
Working with behaviour that challenges 
Peter Kinsella
Cognition; an assessment and rehabilitation 
Nicola Branscombe, Stephen Mullin, Cara Pelser, and Wendy Owen
10 Communication disorders in rehabilitation: an interdisciplinary approach 
Elaine Bailey and Lisa Barklin
11 Dysphagia in rehabilitation: an interdisciplinary approach 
Elaine Bailey and Lisa Barklin
12 Nutrition and dietetics in rehabilitation 
Joanne Sim and Rachel K. Taylor
13 Early vocational rehabilitation within an interdisciplinary context 
Ray Langford
14 A patient’s perspective 
Elly Milton and Marie Milton
15 Supporting the socioeconomic needs of patients and their families within the context of a complex rehabilitation setting: creating opportunities through collaboration, rehabilitation, and beyond 
Claire Hendry and Erin M. Beal
16 Conclusion 
Cara Pelser, Angela Harrison, Ganesh Bavikatte, and Helen Banks
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ISBN: 9780702082764
Page Count: 288
Illustrations : 48 illustrations
Retail Price : £35.99
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