Study Skills for Paramedics,
Edition 1
By Helen Cobb, HCPC Paramedic, MCPARA, Emily Forster, PGCE, PhD, MRes and BA

Publication Date: 19 Apr 2022

As paramedicine shifts to an all-graduate profession in the UK, this new title is designed specifically to support students to meet the rigorous academic requirements of becoming a paramedic.

Study skills has a direct and forthright approach, and covers everything students need to succeed in academia, from academic writing to referencing, essays and presentations, exams and reflective practice. Its interesting case studies are ideally suited to students of this hands-on profession.

Written by paramedics for paramedics, this book will help students of all academic levels quickly find their feet and excel on their journey toward working in an ambulance or healthcare setting.

Key Features

  • Written by experienced paramedicine lecturers and tailored to the academic requirements of students
  • Conforms to Universal Design for Learning, making the text accessible for everyone
  • Written simply and without waffle, ideal for practically-minded students
  • Healthcare examples throughout put learning into context
About the author
By Helen Cobb, HCPC Paramedic, MCPARA; Emily Forster, PGCE; PhD; MRes and BA
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: INtroduction

  • This will introduce the book itself with direction to a recognition as to the variation in study skills levels depending on where the student has come from and reassurance that students will soon find their feet.
  • It will explain how university education works and how it is developing including the flipped classroom approach and what will be expected of the students
  • It will recognize the practical nature of the paramedic, police and health care role and reassure students that a step-by-step gradual approach will get them to where they want to be – out working within the ambulance service or in a health care setting
  • There will be a basic explanation of the general set up of the book
  • It will explain that this book is designed to be inclusive for all academic capabilities including those with learning difficulties such as dyslexia
  • There will be a recognition that everyone coming in to HE as a paramedic, police or healthcare professional may not have always succeeded in exams or essays however this is the start of a career they have chosen and therefore it will be easier
  • The book will then cover each study skill in turn.

Chapter 2: Academic writing

Chapter 3: Refencing and information sources

Chapter 4: Essay

Chapter 5: Presentations

Chapter 6: OSCES’ / OSPES

Chapter 7: Academic posters

Chapter 8: Voce via

Chapter 9: Videos’ blogs or social media – presentations

Chapter 10: Group work

Chapter 11: Exams

Chapter 12: Case Studies

Chapter 13: Dissertation or service improvement project

Chapter 14: Reflective practice

Book details
ISBN: 9780702083051
Page Count: 176
Retail Price : £19.99
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