Farr's Physics for Medical Imaging,
Edition 3
By Alim Yucel-Finn, Fergus Mckiddie, Sarah Prescott and Rachel Griffiths

Publication Date: 13 Apr 2023

Written by topic experts, this new edition of Farr’s Physics for Medical Imaging is designed specifically for trainee radiologists preparing for the physics component of their FRCR exams.

The book effectively explains the principles and techniques behind the most common forms of medical imaging, including X-ray, CT, ultrasound, MRI, nuclear medicine, and fluoroscopy.

Trainee radiologists and radiographers will find this an easy to understand and useful adjunct to their exam preparation – even those who haven’t studied physics since school.

Key Features

  • Designed for those studying for their FRCR part 1 exams – covers everything you need to know
  • Easy to read and navigate, suitable for those with varying levels of physics knowledge
  • Written by topic experts - physicists and a radiologist, to make the information more accessible to radiology trainees
  • Clear line drawings and sample images illustrate the principles discussed

New Features

  • Fully revised and updated
  • Reflects changes to the FRCR examination
  • Increased amount of clinical content
  • Covers new legislation concerning radiological safety
  • New chapter on radiology information technology
About the author
By Alim Yucel-Finn; Fergus Mckiddie; Sarah Prescott and Rachel Griffiths
Table of Contents
1 Matter and Radiation
2 Radiation Hazards and Protection
3 X-Ray Imaging
4 Computed Tomography
5 Nuclear Imaging
6 Magnetic Resonance Imaging
7 Ultrasound Imaging
8 Radiology Information Technology
Book details
ISBN: 9780702083648
Page Count: 184
Illustrations : 181 illustrations
Retail Price : £49.99