Psychiatric Drugs Explained,
Edition 7
By David Healy, MD, FRCPsych

Publication Date: 06 May 2022

Psychiatric Drugs Explained offers a wealth of evidence-based information on psychiatric drugs in an easy-to-use format that can be quickly referenced in the clinical setting.

Written by internationally recognised author Dr David Healy, the book provides a comprehensive review of drug effects, action and side-effects. There is an emphasis on the lived experience of patients, providing the reader with a sense of what the adverse effects of drugs might feel like to those who use them.

A reader-friendly approach and clear layout, with information organised by disorder, make this popular title accessible and useful not only to nursing staff, but to all members of the multidisciplinary team.

Key Features

  • Quick reference guide suitable for all members of the multidisciplinary team
  • Helpful boxes on user issues make potential complications easy to spot
  • Distinctive, reader-friendly style helps the reader understand the benefits and impacts of psychotropic drugs
  • New topics include management of dependence disorders, stimulants and drugs for children, cognitive impairment and sleep disorders
  • The only book with detailed coverage of the sexual side effects of psychiatric drugs and the abusive prescribing of prescription drugs
About the author
By David Healy, MD, FRCPsych, Director, North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine, College of Medicine, Cardiff University, Bangor, UK
Table of Contents

Section 1 Management of the psychoses

2 The antipsychotics

3 Antipsychotic side effects and their management


Section 2 Management of depression

4 The antidepressants

5 Side effects of antidepressants


Section 3 Management of bipolar disorders

6 Management of acute bipolar disorder

7 Mood-stabilisers


Section 4 Stimulants & Drugs for children

8 Stimulants & Drugs for children


Section 5 Management of anxiety

8 The anxiety disorders

10 Benzodiazepine anxiolytics

11 Anxiolysis and the serotonin system

12 Beta-blockers and anxiety


Section 6 Management of sleep disorders and insomnia

13 Sleep disorders and insomnia

14 Non-pharmacological management of insomnia

15 Hypnotics

16 Sedatives


Section 7 Management of cognitive impairment

17 Cognitive enhancement and the dementias

18 Cognitive enhancement and neuroprotection


Section 8 Management of sexual difficulties

19 The range of sexual difficulties

20 Effects of drugs on aspects of sexual functioning

Appendix 20.1 Male sexual functioning questionnaire

Appendix 20.2 Female sexual functioning questionnaire


Section 9 Management of dependence and withdrawal

21 Dependence & Withdrawal

22 Dependence & Craving

23 Dependence & Protracted Withdrawal


Section 10 Consent, abuse and liability

24 Consent

25 Pharmacological abuse


Section 11 The marketing of tranquillity

26 The ethical industry

27 Evidence-biased care

28 Marketing & Risk

29 From healthcare to pharmageddon

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Page Count: 356
Illustrations : 5 illustrations
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